A Jumper Of Vivid Dreams

Well, it turns out it isn’t just Brick Lane that’s full of beautiful mural art! I was really happy to see that my hometown Bilbao is finally getting some decent street art – it’s a fairly artsy city and deserves it, if I may say so myself.

I discovered this incredible wall on Instagram and had to find it. I didn’t have any clue as to where exactly in Bilbao it was (looking back, I realise I could have just tried asking the person who posted this – d’oh!), but luckily my mum and I stumbled upon it straight away. In a similar vain to east London, it was in Bilbao La Vieja (the literal translation for that is Bilbao The Old One), which is kind of the run-down part of Bilbao but also happens to be getting pretty trendy these days.

Did I purposely look for this wall while wearing this jumper? Of course! I’m not going to sugarcoat it – I totally planned this shoot, and I’m thrilled that I did because I love how the wall and jumper complement each other so well. Having said that, I didn’t then change into another outfit – this was my look for the day. I’ve only ever done that a few times for the blog – 95% of the outfits seen on this blog will be outfits I’m wearing on the day the pictures are taken.

Anyway, let’s get to the juicy bit – this beauty of a jumper, that is. I saw it on Nasty Gal’s website and almost had a heart attack. I loved how in-your-face and kind of retro it looked (it would totally have worked on “That Seventies Show,” am I right?). But I also couldn’t see how I could justify another rainbow jumper after having this precious thing seen here. It’s easy to justify plain turtleneck jumpers – they’re practical and sensible. But a technicolour turtleneck like this one? That’s a different story.

But, the heart wants what it wants – and off I went to add yet another multicoloured stripe jumper to my wardrobe. I guess having just one was never going to happen…

I’d never shopped on Nasty Gal before. And because I’m old (school) I remember the old Nasty Gal. Loved by bloggers in the early 2010’s, Nasty Gal was an American online fashion retailer that sold a unique mix of reworked vintage pieces as well as new things. Nasty Gal was for cool girls and the definition of cool – it really sold a lifestyle. Its founder, Sophia Amoruso, became an icon and brought out her bestselling book #Girlboss – a word that, for better or for worse, has now become a part of the modern woman’s everyday language.

But things have changed and Nasty Gal now belongs to Boohoo – whilst still based in Los Angeles, Nasty Gal no longer does vintage and, in line with Boohoo, is now all about fast fashion. I’ll always remember the days when I would go on Nasty Gal’s website and lust after so many pieces that I couldn’t afford – hence¬†why it’s very weird for me to shop on there now that the prices are ridiculously cheap.

This is the first ever thing I’ve bought from Nasty Gal, and it’s been a good buy. It wasn’t only me who liked this jumper – it was out of stock for quite a while and one day I checked again and a size 8 was available. I had been hoping for a size 10 but I went for it anyway and luckily it fits fine. The quality of it is pretty nice too, and it looks as awesome in real life as it did on screen.

Another thing I love about this jumper? On Nasty Gal it was referred to as the Vivid Dream Jumper. Isn’t that the fanciest name ever for a jumper? Needless to say, I’m obsessed. But that also means that I don’t get any credit for the title of this post.

We had to be quick when taking these pictures because guys, it was POURING rain. And I don’t mean just a few drops – it was literally pouring all day. Hence why these pics aren’t the best quality or have the best angles, but we did what we could under shitty circumstances. In fact I owe my mum big time for sticking it out for a good few minutes in the rain – I’m a ridiculously lucky daughter.

Even though this shoot was planned, throwing in an extra print wasn’t so much. My mum and I have had this umbrella for a very, very long time, and after all these years I still love it and always use it when I’m back in Spain (if I need to, that is). But don’t the colourful polkadots kinda complement the multicoloured stripes? I told myself they did.

Jumper, Nasty Gal (sold out). Skirt, Silvian Heach. Beret, Accessorize. Bag, Bershka. Necklace, Desigual (SS’18). Ring, from Hong Kong. Earrings, Mango (seen here). Coat, shoes and umbrella, borrowed from my mum.

Oh wait, there goes another print. But as garish as it may be, I kind of love it all. This Mango faux fur coat belongs to my mum but I love it and she kindly let me use it while being in Spain. I suppose that technically my red Mango coat would have worked better with this outfit but I do love the idea of leopard (or cheetah?) print acting as a neutral…

Guys, it’s true love – not just with this jumper, but with this wall too. I’m already looking forward to going back in the summer when the weather will be 100 times better and I’ll hopefully be wearing something just as colourful. Because that’s one of my style aims for 2018 – to keep the colour popin’.

Pictures taken in Bilbao La Vieja, Spain, on December 28th, 2017.


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