The Pink And Red Jumper Of Dreams

If there is one colour combination that truly won me over this year that is pink and red. Having said that, I barely tried it out, as it’s so freaking difficult. Hence why I love it when it’s made easy for me and comes in the shape of one piece. I bought a total of two (or three?) pink t-shirts featuring red logos over the summer (you can see one of them here), and well, this is my winter equivalent.

Let’s just start with saying that this jumper isn’t very me – something which I feel I say a lot in my posts. I say that but then I always either find out what it is about the piece that makes it me, or I just find a way to make it me. Does that make any sense? What I’m trying to say is, this jumper isn’t the kind of thing I usually go for. I don’t think I’ve ever even had a jumper like this – straight-fitting and finishing at a somewhat awkward length, it’s not a top that I would instinctively think is right for my height or body shape.

In fact, I wouldn’t have gone for it if it hadn’t been for the striking and beautiful red and pink shades that are so wrong yet so right. I love how bright and in-your-face it is, and I love how it doesn’t make me have to choose between my two favourite colours ever.

It’s also got a bit of a retro, possibly 80’s kind of feel, right? Which, of course, is another plus for an 80’s baby like me. And as for the styling process, I used the oldest trick in the Vanessa book, which is to team a fancy top with a black fitted skirt. Yes, this has been my answer when not knowing how to style something since 2010 or even earlier – black body-con skirts are to me what blue jeans are to normal people. Speaking of jeans, this jumper would look great with both blue, black and skinny or even ripped and boyfriend jeans too, don’t you think?

I got this beauty on ASOS last month (I know, it was totally missing on my knitwear haul), but it is by a brand called E.L.K. And oh my, I literally cannot find anything about this brand online. I’m not even sure if this is the right website for them? But kudos to whoever made this piece of art because they handed me my favourite winter outfit on a plate.

Jumper, E.L.K. via ASOS. Skirt, Axara (old). Beret, Accessorize (sold out online, available in store). Bag, Bershka (sold out). Boots, Miss Selfridge (available here). Earrings, main bracelet and ring, 80’s and 90’s hand-me-downs from my mum!

I naturally teamed this look with four red items: my Mango coat (of course), Accessorize beret (which I have been wearing non-stop), this little fur ball from Bershka and a pair of red boots. I know, I know – the red tones don’t match but I don’t care. Let’s start off with this bag – I literally don’t know what got into me when deciding to get this bag. I spotted blogger Alice Catherine with a black version of it, and I think it must be one of those cases in which a super stylish person touched something and turned it into gold, because before seeing her with it I thought furry bags were the worst thing ever – I don’t even know what the better-sounding term for them is. I literally couldn’t understand how furry bags had become a trend and yep, judged everyone who had one. So yeah, I’ve had to eat my words big time.

I was planning on getting the black version but duh, obviously went for the red version as soon as I saw it, and I do not regret this decision one bit. I love this fur ball so much, and I can’t tell you why. Maybe it’s the super cute size and shape of it? Does it partly fill the desperate need I have to get a pet? I literally don’t have a clue – I’m sure in a few years time I’ll look back joyfully and totally have a “What the hell were you thinking moment.

And yes, it was only a matter of time before I found myself a pair of red boots. I’m not sure if I love how they look with black tights, but I’ve totally got over that and love me some red boots. So much so that I had to stop myself from getting another pair from Primark and Next… the struggle is real.

I got my mum to take these pictures of me by the Insta-famous flower shop Wild At Heart in Notting Hill, which has somehow become a mini mecca for bloggers and Instagrammers. I obviously loved how the turquoise background complemented my outfit perfectly, but I don’t really get the hype about this place either? Having said that, they did have some stunning flowers.

It’s been one month since these pictures were taken and damn, it’s got so freakin’ cold ever since – I’m kind of feeling like I’ve lost my winter style mojo. It sucks to be feeling this way because I really want to get some winter-friendly outfit posts on the blog eventually – so bear with me as I share a few more late autumn, bearable winter looks for the next week or so…

Pictures taken at Wild At Heart, Notting Hill, west London, on November 14th, 2017.


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