When Granny Chic Goes One Step Too Far

Happy December peeps! Today I’m actually going to be showing you an outfit I wore on the 1st of November, which isn’t really that long ago but kind of feels like a lifetime ago. My friend and I spent part of the day in the ever so beautiful Notting Hill and it was a really nice and mild day – hence the not too wintery outfit. I had envisioned this look the day before and was very pleased when wearing it, but after looking through the pictures we took that day, I don’t think I’ll wear it again.

You see, I’ve been a fan of the granny look for a long time – although I like to refer to it as granny chic, because everything sounds better with the word ‘chic’. With a fondness for vintage and retro styles, I love frills, ruffles, yoke pleats, pretty blouses that could look like they’re from another era, pleated midi skirts, cardis, brogues, loafers… I’ve embraced and included these kinds of details in my style and wardrobe for a long time, but let’s face it, there’s a fine line between doing a tongue-in-cheek granny look and straight-up looking like a granny. And on this occasion guys, I think I took it one step too far.

Let’s start off with this blouse by Monsoon, which I think caused a bit of a stur when it came out at the start of 2017. I mean, isn’t it just a beauty? I have a weakness for lace and the detailing on this top has such a vintage yet fresh feel. I also adore the cuffs and ruffled hems across the front and on the neckline – hello Victoriana! In short, a blouse that looks like it was taken from a lady of leisure’s 19th century wardrobe is 100% my thing. Granny chic box tick 1 ⎷.

I waited for what felt like months for this top to come back in stock – and finally grabbed myself the white version in March. This top must have been one hell of a hit (I think I first spotted it on blogger Arabella Golby and had to have it), because it’s surprisingly still on Monsoon’s website – it comes in pink, white and black. I love it but it’s not fault-free either – the neckline is weirdly enough too loose, I think it would look a lot better if it were a little more fitted. Also, I think the main body of it is polyester, but all the trims are made of cotton – and oh my god, cotton is a b*tch to iron. Hence why they’re looking far from blogger-perfect here, soz (fingers crossed I get a steamer this Christmas, eh?).

I teamed this look with my Hobbs trench coat (seen here), which I love but has an awkward length and is of that shade that for some reason people associate with grannies. So yes, granny chic box tick Nº2.

Getting pictures of my earrings is the most awkward thing ever, since my hair insists on hiding my earrings as much as possible. But I couldn’t not share these Dali-inspired beauties by Desigual (they’re SS’18!), I’m obsessed with them. I wouldn’t say they’re particularly granny chic, are they? No tick this time.

Ah, this skirt. It’s by the brand Hobbs (from a season or two ago) and my friend gave it to me for my Birthday. I love it so, so much. I’m obsessed with pleated midis and I find the jewels and diamond motif so damn cute. But let’s face it – navy? Midi? Pleated? Yep, that’s 100% granny chic – box tick Nº3.

This Topshop bag (seen here and all over my Instagram) has ended up being one of my best 2017 buys – it’s funny how something that you’re not sure about can end up becoming one of your favourite go-to pieces. Also, I love how it literally matches one of the jewel motifs on this skirt! And I know the boxy shape has a retro feel and therefore is in the granny danger zone, but I think the deliciously excessive bling kind of saves it from getting a tick?

As for these Hobbs shoes, I used my friend’s discount to get them. I love them – they’re so freakin’ vintage-looking it hurts. Oh, and Gucci, anyone? If there’s anyone who loves raiding grannies’ wardrobes it’s Alessandro Michele. I’m sure he would give these shoes a granny chic box tick Nº4.

So don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love all of these pieces. But maybe, just maybe, having a total of four granny chic elements in one single outfit can make you look like a granny. It’s a fine line…

I don’t know why I’m suddenly feeling like I should make this small shift in my style. I *hate* to say this, but is it because I’ve got older? Whatever it is, I’ve decided that from now I’ll be going easy with granny chic. I’ll probably style my blouse with a pair of tapered trousers or even jeans if I ever find a breathtaking pair of ripped or boyfriend ones that don’t make feel like a sausage. The skirt’s a tricky one, but maybe some cool ankle boots and an oversized coat will do the trick. As for the loafers, they might look cute, chic, retro and just a little granny chic with a short A-line skirt.

Having said all that, I still totally love grannies, and would do anything to raid Iris Apfel’s wardrobe.

Pictures taken around Notting Hill, west London, on November 1st, 2017.


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