3 Autumn/Winter ’17 Key Prints

In case it’s not *quite* clear enough from a brief scroll through my blog or Instagram, I love a good print. Florals, conversational prints (remember that old chestnut?), stripes… I love wearing them, I love clashing them. I quite simply, can’t get enough of them, and can’t seem to go a day without wearing them. So it comes as no surprise that this autumn/winter ’17 I’ve gravitated towards three pretty cool prints, if I may say so myself. In fact, a lot of fashion-lovin’ peeps have, because these prints keep coming up on my ‘gram and pretty much every shopping site I’m on.


Surprise, surprise – this is my favourite print. I’m delighted to see how fashion has truly embraced colour over the past year, and even more delighted that this trend wasn’t just a summer phase. In fact, rainbow striped jumpers have burst onto the scene and somehow become a total ‘It-Knit’, with those infamous Daisy Street and Gap knits selling like hot cakes. I’m thrilled I managed to nab this Daisy Street cutie seen above, and will probably have to stop myself from going even more rainbow crazy.


Ah, polkadots. They’re a little bit like Marmite, aren’t they – you either love them or run a mile from them. Not sure why the latter happens so much, is it because of those Minnie Mouse connotations? Fifties housewife connotations? Or, even worse, those eighties connotations? Personally I love all of the above so it’s no biggie for me, but I guess the problem with polkadots is that this print really does have too many connotations. This season, however, they have quietly been popping up all over the high-street on the likes of shirts, blouses and tops. And I’m all for giving polkadots a chance. Regardless of their retro vibes, polkadots can look effortlessly chic. Just take a look at the gorgeous Alice Catherine rocking them here or Alix from I Covet Thee in the cutest top ever – if that’s not chic, I don’t know what is. I couldn’t resist getting both of those tops, although I chose the one pictured above in white instead of black.


There’s something so easy about a star print, isn’t there. It’s so simple yet effective, and I have no idea why there is so little of it in my wardrobe (let’s not, however, forget about my star jeans, star pants or this pretty blouse). The star print has rightly so become a perennial look, and is looking extra bright this AW’17. My mini obsession started off with this Primark navy scarf covered in gold stars, pictured above. It’s been topped up with this dress from ASOS (can’t wait to get pictures of it) and, also seen above, these super cute star studded boots, also by Primark, which were reduced to the shocking price of £3 (can’t understand how these beauties didn’t catch on). Please note: I wouldn’t normally mismatch like this but I wanted to showcase both of these items and thought why not kill two birds with one stone? But fashion has expanded into the universe and this season it’s not just about star prints, but the cosmos too, with a bit of astrology thrown into the mix. Is Prada’s astrology bag to blame? Quite possibly – but isn’t it all quite magical?

The best bit about these trends? They’re not just wearable and easy to style, they’re essentially timeless – and yes, I think rainbow stripe jumpers are timeless too, because Christmas will always be a good time for a colourful striped knit. Are there any other prints you’ve got your eye on this season? Or have you embraced any of the above mentioned? I just love discovering trends as I go along, it makes shopping all the more exciting. Now I’m off to stop myself from looking for more star prints and rainbow jumpers…


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