The Accidental Skirt

So you guys, this outfit post comes with a little story. As mentioned in my previous post at the end of October the bf and I went to Luxembourg for the weekend. We literally got there on Friday night and left on Sunday night – so me being sensible I packed no more than exactly two outfits. On Saturday I wore this outfit and on Sunday I wore the outfit I’m showcasing in this post.

However, on Friday night I realised I’d forgot to pack the skirt that I was planning to match with this floral top. Quelle horreur, as my mum says. Well, she probably wouldn’t have said that on this occasion and just got on with life and basically worn this top with my navy skirt. But you see, I literally cannot bare to wear navy and black – and I needed some good outfit content for the blog! Writing a post about how ‘I don’t like wearing navy and black but whatcha gonna do because I left my black skirt at home’ simply wasn’t an option. It’s a good thing I don’t do souvenirs because I spent some of my hard-earned money on a new black skirt by H&M in Luxembourg.

Insanity, much? Yes, I literally went all out. My intention was to find a really simple black skirt and instead came home with a super in your face tiered skirt. But that’s what happens when you don’t want to spend more than 5 minutes in a shop and have a tight budget. I can’t say this is something I would normally go for – despite having a taste for interesting cuts and shapes – but I think it’ll grow on me, and I loved wearing it with this outfit!

I’m pretty sure I paid about 17 euros for it – that was the reduced price. And I guess it’s not that a bad price for such a fancy little thing. It does make me think of tiers on a cake but hey, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of… drama, shall we say?

Speaking of drama, I feel like I saw a lot of sheer pieces with floral embroideries over the summer, so when I saw this AW’17 piece by the Spanish brand Lavand I thought I’d give this micro trend a go, as it can so freakin’ beautiful. As you can see the top doesn’t sit quite right because of that silly keyhole detailing on the front – but yes, the pretty embroidery does make up for it.

As it’s completely sheer, I chose to wear a simple black vest from Topshop underneath ’cause I wasn’t quite in the mood to show off my bra to the people and tourists of Luxembourg…

Nope, no idea what that gangsta’ lovin’ pose is all about, I guess I just wanted to express how cosy and how much I love this red cardigan by Coster Copenhagen. It’s made me fall in love with love cardigans all over again – I even wear it with my red coat despite the fact that it’s a teensy bit longer than it. I can’t wait for it to be be spring so that I can basically use it as outerwear and team it with summery dresses and other easy breezy looks.

My bag, also from Coster Copenhagen, unsurprisingly worked well with the cardi. And isn’t there something so perfect about red and autumn leaves?

Beret, Accessorize (sold out online, lots available in store!). Top, Lavand (worn with an old Topshop vest). Skirt, H&M (sold out, similar here). Boots, NW3. Cardigan and bag, Coster Copenhagen. FYI, three of the pieces I wore are from my former workplace – the bag was a gift and I was lucky enough to get the top and cardi with my staff discount.

These pictures were taken just outside of Mudam Luxembourg, the country’s pretty awesome museum of modern art. Aren’t those golden leaves divine? It actually makes me miss autumn’s colours.

The lesson to be learned from this post? Well, always double-check what you’ve packed (although in my defence that’s never happened to me before). And, hey, sometimes a strange buy can turn into a good buy.

Photographed by MUDAM, Luxembourg, on October 28th, 2017.


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