Seven Autumn/Winter’17 Trends I’m Totally On Board With

Both the autumn and soon to be winter seasons have caught me completely by surprise. Or maybe I’m just not that good at transitional dressing, because spring and summer caught me by surprise too (those surprises were way better though). But as the days have got chillier and skies greyer in London, it’s not all doom and gloom thanks to the excitement of the new.

I’ve got so lazy about checking out catwalk collections or even reading up about trends in magazines that I now tend to feel very ignorant at the beginning of the season when it comes to what’s in. That ignorance doesn’t last long though thanks to Instagram and other social platforms. And whilst I never worry about what’s in fashion (because you gotta do you at the end of the day), it’s always fun to get a few suggestions on how you can reinvent yourself ever so slightly – and hopefully make those cold days a little more bearable.

Here are seven macro (and micro) Autumn/Winter 2017 trends that I’ve spotted while scrolling down/through my social feeds and that I’ve either already fully embraced or am hoping to do so…


A lot has been said about red on this blog – and no more needs to be said. But I’ll repeat myself again because OMG I am obsessed with red and want everyone in the world to be obsessed together with me. Get yourself a red coat. A red hat. A red bag. Red shoes. A red jumper. Go all out with a red outfit or just add some red accents to a darker look. Or team it with this other season’s go-to colour, mustard. Whatever you choose to do, trust me, you won’t regret it.

Coat, Mango; and bag, Coster Copenhagen (both seen here). Beret, Accessorize. Top, French Connection. Skirt, Primark (outfit post coming soon).


A few posts ago I mentioned I wouldn’t be grabbing myself a baker boy hat this season. I’m sticking by that rule and gladly playing for the opposite team – because who can resist the charms of the timeless beret? From one day to another I spotted them on a few favourite bloggers and basically the whole of Instagram, which made me inevitably fall for the hype and grab myself a deep red one from Accessorize last month. I am obsessed – so obsessed that berets are a subject I want to dedicate a whole blog post to. Team beret it is.

Beret, Accessorize (available here). Coat, top and skirt, same as before. Earrings, H&M. Nail bracelet, The Peach Box.


I’ve been a fan of statement earrings for many, many years, so when those infamous H&M earrings became a must-have accessory this summer I was 100% on board. Tassels haven’t gone anywhere this season and are still the earrings to sport, but there is another pair of earrings that are possibly even more of a statement – ball drop earrings. Tassel earrings are very Audrey in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, but ball drop earrings are very Edie Sedgwick.┬áSuper fun, fashion-forward and statement-y, they’re for the brave and daring (like Edie herself, although I’m sure Audrey would approve), but are totally worth trying out and can look so damn chic.

Earrings, H&M (same as before). Hat, coat, and top, same as before. Scarf, gift.


Nope, not groundbreaking in the slightest, but oh so reliable and pretty. The high street currently has a a pretty decent selection of floral dresses (like the one I wore on my birthday) and floral embroideries that will look perfect with some chunky knit cardis and ankle boots – and hey, even a baker boy hat if you’re on that team.

Cardigan, Coster Copenhagen. Top, Lavand (styled over a black Topshop cami). Skirt, H&M (available here). (Outfit post coming soon)


Ah, knitwear. I’ve come to associate knits with Brits – they do love their jumpers and cardis, am I right? I don’t blame them – winters (as well as all the other seasons, let’s face it) in the UK can be oh-so-chilly and beg for cosiness. I’ve fully embraced knitwear over the past decade, making it a key item in my wardrobe winter after winter. This A/W’17, however, is different – the humble jumper has become an absolute hero piece. The best part? Anything goes this season. Chunky cable knits, oversizing, Crayola shades, balloon sleeves, slogans, technicolour stripes… the options are endless, it’s all about wearing your knits loud and proud.

Jumper, New Look (available here). Skirt, Noisy May (available here). Bag, Topshop (Outfit post coming soon).


I’m never sure whether to refer to these jackets as aviator jackets, shearling jackets, shearling aviators or simply aviators… oh, the ignorance! But I’m sure you catch my drift. The oversize black aviator jacket has pretty much become a timeless staple, but a coloured aviator? Well, that’s just delightful. Last winter I spotted a girl wearing an oversize baby blue aviator and fell madly in love with it, but was never able to find it.

They were big last year and this year it’s no different – in fact pink oversize aviators are having an Insta moment. I’ll be honest, a few weeks ago this was a trend I was planning to admire from afar, as I wasn’t sure just how well an aviator would match with the rest of my wardrobe – but then I spotted this super cute Miss Selfridge jacket and was instantly converted.


This is a micro trend that I feel like I’ve been spotting everywhere on the high street – on hats, knitwear, bags, shoes… you name it. Personally I love pearls, they’re so pretty and timeless and a perfect touch of granny chic. But there’s something very contemporary about pearls on a piece of clothing or accessory, it’s an eye-catching detail that can easily elevate a look and give it a luxe feel.

Sorry peeps, I haven’t managed to take a picture of my pink aviator and haven’t actually bought anything embellished with parts, so don’t have any visuals for those two trends – but go on any high street brand’s website and your eyes will be spoilt for choice. Are there any other A/W’17 trends that you are loving? I’m pretty satisfied with the trendy-ish bits and bobs I’ve been grabbing lately, which I’ll hopefully be showcasing soon. So stay tuned… and warm.


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