Connexion Française

The aim of today’s post is to keep things short, sweet and punchy, since my last two posts were on the verge of turning into novellas and whilst every now and again I love and will continue to pour my heart out, ain’t nobody got time for that (a lot of the time). Also, there’s not that much I can say about this outfit, other than I freakin’ love this top.

A part of me feels the need to hold my head in my hands due to the fact that I’ve gone for yet another French logo tee (this has been happening for a while, as seen here, here, here and, oh my, here). Because I really don’t get it – why am I, together with so many other people, so obsessed with having a few French words on a top? I just can’t quite work it out. Sure, I’m obsessed with Paris and do think French is a very beautiful language, but I think that about lots of other languages and don’t go around with tops that have something written in, say, Portuguese or Italian.

I can’t help but feel a little ridicule for falling, over and over, for such a cliché (and yes, I just used two French words to make my point). And what’s worse, I also wonder what the French must make of this trend – I can imagine them softly chuckling whilst elegantly smoking cigarettes, thinking “Those poor fools” and then going back to living intellectually fulfilling and effortlessly stylish lives. I wouldn’t blame them.

And yet, will I ever stop? Not for the foreseeable future. When I spotted this top by French Connection (the original master brand of all logos…?) on ASOS I was initially umming and ahing, thinking “Is this one step too far?” – but then I convinced myself that it was a total must-have, because who doesn’t love a Breton with a twist? Plus, it’s 100% cotton. So I caved in and have never looked back.

Coat, Mango (A/W’16, similar one here). Top, French Connection (sold out, similar here and here). Skirt, Primark. Beret, Accessorize. Bag, Coster Copenhagen. Scarf, Silvian Heach. Boots, NW3. Earrings, H&M.

So what do you team a Breton top with for a failsafe look? Jeans if you’re a normal person, but as I’m not a normal jeans person I wore it with my navy Primark pleated skirt. I’m not a big fan of navy but something drew me to this skirt when I spotted it last winter, and even though it’s never made it onto the blog I’ve actually worn it loads over the past year.

And because I’ve lately been all about red and you can’t go wrong with navy and red, almost all of my accessories were indeed red. This little bag from Danish brand Coster Copenhagen was a gift from work friends, and even though it’s not something I would necessarily go for in a heart beat (as I do have a penchant for quirky pieces), there’s something I kind of love about its unapologetic Chanel vibes and floral motif.

And hello, you beautiful autumnal background.

Of course, I finished off this look with my red coat. There’s really no other coat I care about at the moment, which is why this is pretty much the only coat that comes up on my Instagram. I just love it to bits, at the moment it goes with everything I feel like wearing. So apologies for the constant bombing of it.

These pictures were taken exactly one month ago in the very picturesque Luxembourg, where the bf and I went for a weekend getaway and where a lot of pictures from this older post were taken. It was pretty chilly over there but thankfully I managed with my cotton tee (and a vest underneath) on the first day. It’s now super cold in London and I honestly can’t remember the last time I didn’t wear a knit, so Connexion Française will probably have to hibernate for a while. Is it time to find a jumper with a French logo now?

Photographed on October 28th, 2017 in Luxembourg. 


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