5 Ways I’m Coping With Autumn

Well hello October, you’ve only been here for 5 minutes and you’re already coming to an end… and in all honesty I’m happy for you to go. Because despite this month being my birthday month, things have been a little hard to say the least. At the end of September a small big change happened in my day to day life, making the past few weeks a bit of a weird time. It’s unlikely I’ll want to talk about it on the blog, however it’s really not the end of the world, just a change that inevitably marks a before and after (and hopefully will somehow lead to better things) in my life.

And can I just say, the shitty weather in London has not helped. I felt great when writing my last blog post – autumn seemed so bearable back then. But that post really did mark the end of summer, because like a slap in the face autumn came and was sure as hell not messing about. I, together with lots of other Londoners, got COLD. Very cold. One day I was frolicking around in my pretty Grace & Mila red floral dress only to freeze, freeze and freeze the following day. The weather changed literally from one day to another, and I’ve been ranting about it ever since.

So guys, I really do feel like I’m stuck in a style rut RN. Transitional fashion isn’t so appealing to me anymore – I’d rather get the sun back, thanks. But ranting isn’t going to get me anywhere, so I’m doing what I gotta do to get my fashion and (and life) mojo back – here are 5 things helping me do just that…


I could write an essay on how much I hate black tights, so as usual I’m avoiding doing the switchover for another few weeks at least. I’ve even tried a new look this season, which is pairing ankle boots with nude tights (not sure if my cankles can pull off this look but doing it anyway).


I’m not very on it with this season’s trends, but if there’s one trend that I’m delighted to see has carried on from SS’17 to AW’17 and am fully prepared to embrace, it’s red. Whether it comes in the form of accents or becomes a total look, it’s a colour I love to love, wear and simply plague my Instagram feed with.


So it’s come to my attention that if you don’t have a baker boy cap this season, like, what kind of blogger are you? I had a hat that strongly resembled a baker boy cap about 10 years ago – and I’m happy for it to stay in the past. Don’t get me wrong, I completely understand its appeal and find it cute on other bloggers. But as this blog proves, my heart belongs to floppy hats. I feel like I haven’t worn them enough over the past year (early on this year I cheated on them with a beanie hat), which sucks because I still love how they add that extra bit of charm to almost any look.


As much of a millennial cliche as it is, sometimes discovering a new TV show (or sticking to your favourites) is such a nice way to unwind on those cold and dark evenings after a hard day’s work. But it’s not all about Netflix for me, as I do love a bit of YouTube, Bake Off and a good old movie on Sunday evenings.


I am incredibly lucky to have a fantastic group of friends in London – and breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner dates with them are the best thing I can do to face the days getting shorter and evenings longer. In fact, my friend took these pictures of me yesterday, after having brunch at Leadbelly’s – the picture-taking was quick though, as it was a long day filled with lots of fun things… and thankfully it wasn’t cold!

Jacket, Isaac Mizrahi (found in a charity shop in 2014). Hat, bought in Spitalfields Market in 2013 (with an added brooch from John Lewis). Top, Blend She (bought at my company’s sample sale). Skirt, H&M (bought this summer for less than £10!). Bag, Topshop (available here). Boots, Pull & Bear. Earrings, Boohoo (available here). Necklace, Alex Monroe. Ring, from Hong Kong. Bracelet, gift.

Have any of you got a case of the autumn blues? If so, how you get past them? I’m so relieved that my ‘blues’ haven’t put me completely off blogging – this little corner of the internet is my creative outlet and being creative does not only help me, but is essentially part of who I am. So no matter how bad things get, you have to look for the good somewhere – because as cheesy as it sounds, the only way is up, right?

Pictures taken on October 14th, 2017 in Canada Water, London.



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