The Happy Tee

I feel obliged to start this post with a mini weather report because oh my God it’s suddenly got so freakin’ cold in London and I am dying… And yet I refuse to give up on t-shirts because they make my uncool self feel kinda close to cool (I sense a cold coming on soon).

Slogan tees may have dominated the fashion scene this summer, but despite a multitude of wannabe socio-political messages, French expressions and sexy but cute words invading our Insta feeds, there is one style that has shared the scene with this trend with ease – and that is the humble striped tee. In fact, when have striped tees not been relevant?

Stripes, especially horizontal ones, have never really been my thing (the only stripes I do truly love are Beetlejuice worthy stripes) and yet despite that I’ll defend this timeless pattern to death, because I love a good Breton top and how fashionistas make stripes look so freakin’ cool.

However, every now and again I can be persuaded, and when I laid eyes on this t-shirt I knew I had to give it a go – I mean, just look at all those colours! If that wouldn’t make me happy, nothing could.

Indeed, this tee has seriously got such a happy vibe, don’t you think? I love the beautiful mesh-up of bright colours and how the stripes are so blocked and bold.

The fit of it isn’t perfect – as you can probably tell from these pictures it’s very ‘clingy’, and the neckline doesn’t sit quite right (although to be honest it could probably just do with a good old iron). But it’s super soft and looks amazing, so all is forgiven.

And yes, I had to pair it with these blue trousers, because they’re both amazingly colourful pieces that complement each other perfectly. This is the first time I’m wearing Warehouse (almost) from head to toe, as both the t-shirt and trousers are from there. I always forget to have a look at this brand, mainly because I tend to find it a little overpriced for what it is, but in this case I’ve definitely gotten my use out of these two pieces. I do promise however that these are not the only trousers I wore throughout the summer!

I accessorized this look with two old favourites – these brogues by Bershka (bought in 2013, and sadly pretty much deceased not long after these pictures were taken), and this little mustard bag by Zara, bought all the way back in 2011 and still in great condition (and tickling my fancy).

T-shirt and trousers, Warehouse. Jacket, Grace & Mila. Earrings, Les Nereides. Necklace, Maya Vergel. Nail bangle, The Peach Box. Thick bangle, Whistles. Ring, from Hong Kong. Bag, Zara. Shoes, Bershka.

And since it wasn’t the hottest day ever when these pictures were taken, I did a little bit of pattern clashing and matched this tee with my super light bomber jacket from French brand Grace & Mila. The great thing about this bomber jacket is that precisely because the floral embroideries are so delicate and discreet it’s great for throwing over softly printed tops.

That’s another thing stripes deserve some credit for – if you want to give print clashing a go, stripes are your allies. And for some reason, they seem to work really well with floral musings…

I wasn’t sure whether I would be posting this outfit, but it is one of my favourite looks from this summer, and I could more or less get away with wearing it now…

Are there any outfits or items that you’re struggling to let go of now that we’re starting a new season?

Photographed in Islington, London, on May 23rd, 2017.


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