An Ode To The Red Floral Dress

Well peeps, I’m pretty pleased with myself for being able to say that these pictures weren’t taken five months ago but in fact yesterday! I can’t remember the last time I posted something that quick, but it’s refreshing to be doing it again. I guess I subconsciously really wanted to post it asap because it’s getting cold in London and this look was very much a big summer trend that sadly might feel so irrelevant any day now – the red floral dress.

Fashion trends aside, I’ve actually had a thing for red dresses for a long time – with this blog being the living proof of that. I even made a series of blog posts called ‘Red Dress Number…’ since LRD’s to me were what LBD’s were to most women – a wardrobe must-have I could always rely on to feel great. But floral dresses? Well that became a whole new obsession.

I went a little (extremely) overboard and bought a total of five floral dresses (you can see two of them here and the fourth one here). The fifth one was the guiltiest purchase of all, as I got it barely a week ago and felt so bad getting a dress that I would essentially be putting away for next spring & summer straight away.

The fifth dress is this one pictured here, which yes, I did in fact wear yesterday – because it was actually a nice day and let’s be honest, there was no way this girl was going to wait 9 months to wear her brand new floral red dress.

Another red floral dress?” you ask? Oh wait, that was my conscience speaking while I was looking at this pretty thing. But I just couldn’t resist the effortless cuteness of it – I love the tie up details on the arms and eyelet detailing across the front. You just can’t beat a good tea/shirt dress hybrid that’s red and covered in floral motifs – even if it makes me look like a creasy mess.

I justified adding this LRFD (can we make it a thing?) to my collection because all of my red floral dresses have their own quirks… and maybe, just maybe we can say that a girl can never have too many red floral dresses?

The dress is by Grace & Mila, a small French womenswear brand that I’ve probably mentioned on the blog before but not given much credit to. Which is surprising because I love this brand so much! It’s affordable and not mass-produced, not to mention super charming and oh-so-French. The clothes are simple, feminine, pretty and wearable.

Sometimes a trend can get tiresome when you witness literally everyone doing it, but on this occasion I’ve loved seeing so many fashionistas embracing red dresses, with floral prints leading the way. I do feel like many fashion influencers have made street fashion and trends a little too safe and minimalistic – so to have witnessed a sudden celebration of colour, femininity and overall joyfulness this spring and summer has been refreshing.

Sadly all those pretty dresses that invaded the streets of London and probably the rest of the UK seem to have gone back into the depths of everyone’s wardrobes, but red is set to stay for winter. Which again, I’m delighted about – it’s such a passionate colour that suits so many skin tones and instantly adds a bit of dash to any look. Hopefully the Brits will start embracing more colour even when it’s winter!

Dress, Grace & Mila (available here). Bag, Topshop (sold out online, possibly still in store). Shoes, Zara. Earrings, Alex Monroe. Nail bangle, The Peach Box. Ring and crystal bracelet, gifts. Other bracelet, Aaiko.

I was in central London yesterday and couldn’t help revisit Maddox Gallery’s amazing faux floral facade to use it again for an outfit backdrop – it’s just so colourful and cheerful!

This is one summer trend I don’t want to say goodbye to… my other red floral dresses might not quite work for cold temperatures but I’m thinking this dress will look cute with some ankle boots and a chunky knit cardigan… it’s all about transitioning your favourite pieces, right?

Are there any pieces you bought this summer that you’re planning to carry into autumn and, dare I say it, winter?

Pictures taken on September 16th, in front of Maddox Gallery, central London.


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