How To Do Colour Blocking (Part 2)

So I’m not sure if this look classifies as a colour blocking look, but I think it sort of can do? Last month I did a little post about my thoughts on colour blocking and I can’t help but feel like this outfit – which features the same trousers as the afore mentioned post – very much ties in with it. Let’s say it’s a subtle kind of colour blocking look – or tonal, if you will.

This could be a total statement of an outfit, but adding different tones (even if it’s technically more colours) makes it a little more chilled.

Pink is probably one of the easiest colours one can play with when creating a tonal look. It goes with so many colours – green, blue, purple and even red!

This lightweight coat by Zara (I like to think of it as my spring coat) was one of my most worn pieces throughout spring and early summer. It unsurprisingly fit in with 90% of my wardrobe colour wise, and I love the bell sleeves. It will be coming out of its very short mini summer break soon…

Oh my, and these trousers – I have nothing but praise for them, I love them to bits. That beautiful shade of electric blue will never grow old on me… The end!

Looking back I totally felt like I should have added a lemon yellow bag to this outfit, but the minty blue shade of my little Kate Spade bag thankfully helps me argue my point. It’s essentially another shade of blue that kind of contrasts but also ties in with the blue trousers as well as my light pink coat, which hopefully sort of brings the look a little more together.

Coat, Zara. Jumper and shoes, Miss Selfridge. Trousers, Warehouse. Bag, Kate Spade. Earrings, River Island. Ring, Primark. Necklace, Alex Monroe.

And can I just say how much I love having my pictures photobombed by cats?

I cannot tell you how obsessed I am with this jumper from Miss Selfridge – it’s one of the few things that almost make me look forward to winter. In a way it’s not very me, but I love the V-neck, ribbed texture and slim fit. Funnily enough the fuchsia shade is very me circa 2006/2007, and I kind of love how it looks with the light pink coat. It makes for a rather chic tonal/colour block effect. So lesson learned from this outfit? If you’re after a lighter take on colour blocking, go tonal – a couple of shades of two different colours can make for a very chic look.

Shoutout has to go out to these two amazing backgrounds, which were shockingly perfect for my outfit. The beautiful street full of houses that do colour blocking better than any human being could ever possibly attempt was located in Kentish Town, whilst this beautiful wall was done by DRT in Camden Town.

And I hate to admit that these pictures were taken all the way back in March – I have no idea why it’s taken me so long to share them! But I’m using what has had to be my blog mantra throughout 2017 – better late than never. Also, as autumn is around the corner, this layered look is kinda totally in line with what we’ll all be wearing in no time, right?

Pictures taken in Kentish Town & Camden Town on March 25th, 2017.


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