Why Petite Girls Can Wear Midi Dresses Too

Don’t you just love those pieces that make you feel like a million dollars? That’s exactly what this dress does for me.

Dress, bag and shoes, Topshop. Necklace, Alex Monroe. Earrings, Les Nereides.

Topshop has killed it (and my bank account) this season – in fact, over the past year Topshop has managed to regain a significant place in my wardrobe, after being shunned for a good few years. This dress is probably one of my favourite things that I have bought so far this summer – there’s something so satisfying about keeping something that you initially didn’t think was going to suit you in the slightest…

I fell in love with this dress the minute I laid eyes on it in the brand’s summer campaign imagery. The lightweight feel, the ethereal floral print, the subtle mix of red and pink – one of summer’s most exciting yet trickiest trends – the cold shoulder arms… it ticked a million boxes, but there was one thing putting me deeply off. Not because I didn’t find it beautiful, but because I just didn’t think my short frame would do it any justice. Because how on earth could a 5’2″ – 5’3″ on a good day – short ass not look ridiculous in a dress which not only had a midi length, but also had a crazy irregular hemline?

Well peeps, there’s nothing wrong in giving something a go. I’m no stranger to midi dresses but I did feel just a little intimidated by this beauty, which is pretty freakin’ long. I was initially a little put off by the £49 price tag, but when it went down to £30 last month I let curiosity get the better of me. And I loved it from the minute I tried it on. In fact, dare I say it, it is probably the irregular hemline that makes it petite-friendly.

So what’s the lesson learnt from this experience? Well, step out of your comfort zone and do not limit yourself to anything. Rules were made to be broken, and don’t rule out something just because you’re short, curvy, skinny, tall or any given characteristic. I am petite and have an average build – things that could, in theory, go against me in so many ways. Midi dresses could easily be my enemy, but hello, I’ve managed to find one that makes me feel sassy AF and like I could conquer the world.

As for some of the details I love about it, the back of it may make me look broad, but it doesn’t bother me in the slightest!

I also love the button fastening at the front, it’s just so pretty and airy.

I teamed it with this bag which is also from Topshop, which was a panic buy last month and has – thankfully – turned into an obsession. It’s so excessive and OTT, but I absolutely love it. My mum loves it, it managed to get a positive comment out of my dad (who guess what, has no interest in fashion), the manicurist I saw in Spain before the wedding I went to loved it, the IG community went pretty cray cray about it. Isn’t that what you call an all-round success?

I feel like this is the first time I have ever dressed in a brand from head to toe – but when the shoe fits… Yes, these Topshop shoes were bought at the start of this year and I love them, but damn I’d forgotten how pointy shoes are so high maintenance. What drew me to these ones was the ankle strap with the snap button and the metallic square heels, elements which give these shoes a subtly retro feel. Apart from my Valentinos, which I’m excessively precious about, these are my go-to nude heels that work with so many outfits.

I took backdrop matching to the next level and pretty much blended into this one – but I couldn’t have found a more beautiful choice. So thank you, Maddox Gallery, for coming up with such a striking floral arrangement – you’ve made us bloggers and tourists super happy.

It’s been only 21 days since these pictures were taken and thanks to today’s miserable weather it feels like a lifetime ago – I’m desperate to give this dress another chance to shine. In fact I’m currently trying to convince my boyfriend that this dress is totally wedding-worthy, as I’ll be going to a wedding in Spain next month and would love to wear it then. He’s being a little difficult about it so wish me luck peeps!

Pictures taken on August 1st in front of Maddox Gallery, central London.


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