How To Do Colour Blocking (Part 1)

This #ootd is so old that I couldn’t help but think “Is there any point?” in sharing it, but as it is still one of my favourite outfits of the whole year (and maybe even ever?!) I couldn’t not do it!

Black has never really predominated on this blog, and neither has a lack of colour – but I really do feel like 2017 has, more than ever, been a year of colour for me. I’ve cemented my love for all things bright and cheerful – and subconsciously tried to convince all those around me to do the same.

It’s amazing how just a few colourful pieces can make all the difference in one’s mood and day to day style. These two pieces in particular have made my life what feels like 100 times more stylish, and reignited my love for one of fashion’s most playful – and timeless – trends: colour blocking. There is nothing quite as pleasing for me as putting together an outfit that involves some serious colour clashing – when this look came true, I was worryingly proud of myself.

I’ve always loved red – I may have and wear a ton of more pink but I’d say red has earned itself a spot right next to pink on my list of favourite colours to wear. It’s been refreshing to see this shade go a little mainstream this season and witness so many bloggers embrace it. I really don’t think there’s anyone out there who doesn’t suit red – it’s such a beautiful, uplifting colour and looks great with so many neutral pieces like jeans or anything black or white.

I saw this Primark jumper on blogger Ellie from Elle Next Door and had to have it – I think it must have sold out straight away because I literally managed to find one all on its own in the Hammersmith branch. Everything about it is perfection – the fit, the tact, the flared sleeves and the white trims. It’s the only thing that makes me miss the cooler temperatures!

Jumper and shoes, Primark. Trousers, Warehouse. Ring, I Am. Watermelon earrings, gift.

But out of these two colourful pieces, it really is the trousers that have made me go all out with colour. I’ve worn them with bright tops, neutral tops, plain tops, printed tops, classic tops, quirky tops… it’s rekindled my love with blue and trousers and basically made me feel super stylish over and over again.

And because I can’t resist a little bit of quirky matching, I put on these super cute watermelon earrings…

And I couldn’t not use this Lavand bag. I’ve had it for almost a year and love it so much – the strawberry red shade is so pretty and the shape of it is so different and contemporary – I also love the green trimmings and interior.

I don’t mean to blow my own trumpet, but… I do feel like I’ve mastered the art of colour blocking. It comes not just from my love of fashion, but also from my love of art, drawing and colours. So I do think I can give a few tips on how to pull off a full-on colour clashing look…

  • Go for simple, classic cuts: Let’s face it, colour blocking is not a look for the faint-hearted. So if do you want to give it a go, choose simple or tailored pieces. These blue trousers of mine are undoubtedly a statement piece, but focus on the peg-leg design and you can’t say it isn’t timeless.
  • Keep your accessories simple and neutral: OK, so with this outfit my bag isn’t exactly neutral, but it essentially blends in with the redness and sits in nicely. After buying these Primark silver shoes last winter, I have a newfound appreciation for metallic accessories – they seem to complement bright outfits perfectly. If metallics are too much, then go for nude – you cannot go wrong with nude.
  • Study a colour wheel: Yes, this might sound like a new level of fashion geekiness that’s a little out there, but when it comes to colour matching and clashing, it’s science, bitch. It’s about getting the right level of brightness and seeing which two (or three?) colours are a match made in heaven. So, prepare to feel like you’re going back to nursery – here is a good old colour wheel for ya folks.

  • Let your accessories do the talking: If wearing a bright shade – let alone two bright shades – is already very much out of your comfort zone, I feel there’s no better way to inject some colour blocking into your look than with a pair of striking shoes or bag. I especially have a soft spot for red shoes and bags – why not wear them with a black and white outfit or even blush or peach pink?
  • Here are the failsafe colour combos: Bright red and electric blue. Turquoise and Jamaica pink. Canary yellow and cobalt blue. Orange and marine blue. Emerald green and pink. Purple and yellow. Black and white – not exactly colour blocking, but just as striking (but throw in a bit of red or hot pink for a little extra something.

Now that it’s August, here in the UK the word transition is currently in everyone’s fashion vocabulary – I refuse to believe summer is over but when it does end, I’ll be running back to this look like there’s no tomorrow. And that’s another thing I’d like to talk about – please, let’s not all give up this beautiful romance that street style is having with colour when the temperatures drop – there’s so much to life than black jumpers and jeans…

Photographed on March 18th, 2017 in Shoreditch, east London – art work by Camille Walala.



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