Brand Lovin’: Discovering (And Falling For) Hush Clothing

Many a time ago I started a section on my blog called “Brand Lovin'”, in which as the title hints I expressed my love for a specific brand. I think I only ever wrote about two blog posts for this theme, but I thought I’d do a nostalgic throwback and cheekily revive for a brand that I only discovered a few months ago, Hush.

All the way back in March, Hush hosted a series of talks to present their beautiful Spring 2018 collection. There were a total of four talks hosted by four amazing bloggers – and being the blog and blogger lover that I am, I excitedly attended three of them. “Colour Riot” was hosted by former fashion editor Erica Davies, “Modern Feminine” was hosted by my one of my all time favourite bloggers, Ella Gregory from Coco’s Tea Party, and “Minimalist event” was hosted by an amazing blog & Instagram discovery, the lovely Paulien from Polienne.

I’d actually never heard of Hush up until March, when I found out through Ella Gregory’s Instagram that she would be giving a talk on behalf of Hush. So what’s the low down on this label? It’s a quintessentially British womenswear brand founded in 2003 with a love of easy, beautiful basics. Perfect for those who love the idea of an effortless capsule wardrobe that’s easy and grown up, Hush is for now just an online store – the blogger fashion talks were part of their 10-day pop-up shop and event in Shoreditch.

At a glance, Hush isn’t necessarily a brand I would naturally gravitate to – my style is a bit nutty and quirky, whereas Hush is essentially wardrobe staples with a twist. But I was so impressed with the label’s pop-up shop, branding and overall cuteness that I was instantly hooked. I loved how easy the pieces felt – and I finally realised that basics need not be boring! The styling and visual merchandising of the pieces was also spot on.


As a person who loves colour, I was inevitably and instantly drawn to the colourful pieces. I loved the acid bright, rainbow-like shades – I was so inthralled by it all that I couldn’t resist ordering a bright yellow sweater from their site. Yes, Hush got me to love yellow – I’m not the biggest fan of yellow but my god, their yellow pieces were divine!

As well as bright shades, stars were also one of the main themes for Hush’s spring collection. How pretty are these trainers? If I were a trainers girl I would totally add them to my wish list…

I fell for these beautiful leopard print pointy shoes, they made me feel nostalgic for the days used to live in leopard print. I love how chic they look – forget Pat Butcher, these babies exude classiness. They made me realise how I could so do with a pair of leopard print shoes right now…

I don’t love black, but looooove black and white. And these pieces looked amazing! In fact, a lot of the separates that were just black were so appealing.

This rail was a thing of dreams for me…

My style may be eclectic and a little out there, and yet I’m a Hush convert. It’s sadly a little out of my price range but I can really see myself investing in this brand when I (hopefully) earn a little more in the future. I would have loved to do a lot more damage, but came home with just a yellow sweater and hot pink t-shirt, which I felt was pretty reasonable. The quality feels lovely, and I love how Hush encourages colour and feels fresh and contemporary while also offering clean lines and timeless pieces. If you like clothes that are both simple yet ever so slightly trend-driven, Hush is for you.

All in all, a good discovery.

Pictures taken on March 18th 2017, in Hush’s pop-up event in Protein Studios, Shoreditch, East London.



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