5 Reasons Why I’ll Always Be A Skater Dress Girl

Hey peeps, it’s been a while yet again but I’m back with what an #ootd that feels oh-so-right. Because despite the fact that these pictures were taken all the way back in March on a rare sunny day in London, this look is pretty much my current go-to formula. By that I mean a light jacket + pair of easy heels or pretty flats + the key ingredient I can’t live without, the dress. And whilst I’m a firm believer in wearing dresses all year around, there’s nothing quite as wonderful as throwing on a dress together with (hopefully) beach-like hair and a few key accessories when the temperatures rise.

There is one particular style of dress that anyone who has followed me for some time will know I have a fondness for – the pretty, forgiving and timeless skater dress. Random fact: there’s a good chance the first ever skater dress I bought was from ASOS in 2010 – I’ve never looked back since. I am yet to tire of this style and I doubt I ever will – so here are 5 reasons why I’ll always be a skater dress girl, and why I think everyone should get on board with this style!

  • Skater dresses are easy: Perfect for those mornings when I’m in a rush and need an instant style fix, a skater dress will always come to my rescue when I don’t have much time to faff around or am simply feeling uninspired and need (or want) to look effortlessly put together.

  • They are versatile: The skater shape is the silhouette that I believe can work for any occasion. Let it take you from the office to the restaurant or choose a striking print for your next wedding. Of course a lot depends on the fabric, length and print, but trust me, there are plenty of skater dresses that can adapt to any social butterfly’s busy life.

  • They suit most, if not all, body shapes: This might be a controversial statement but I honestly can’t think of any woman I know that wouldn’t look great in a skater dress. I’m a reluctant petite pear shape, and I swear skater dresses were made for us pear ladies. They show off our waists, hide our curvier parts that we might not want to show off too much and simply make our silhouette a bit more wow (in fact, this goes for all body shapes). If you’re an apple, it’s the perfect way to get your waist on show, and if you’re tall, you just need to make sure the waistline is sitting at the right place – plus, a longer hemline will give your outfit a super chic, dramatic and beautiful effect. And if you’re an hourglass, well, don’t be surprised if you cause a few faints!

  • They are ageless: I understand how skater dresses can be seen as very girlie – which in other words means too young. Some skater dresses are definitely very youthful, but again, this is when the fabric, print and length come into play. If you think you’re too old for skater dresses, think again: go for styles made of structured, good-quality fabrics in one shade or with smart prints. Long-sleeved and 3/4 length sleeves on skater dresses look very elegant, and below-the-knee and midi hemlines are perfect if you don’t want to show off too much of your pins.

  • They are an unabashed symbol of outright femininity: There is nothing I love more than something that makes me feel super feminine, and there’s no subtlety when it comes to the skater dress. With its retro, at times oh-so-50’s vibes, the skater dress is flirty, fun and timeless. There’s nothing wrong with a t-shirt and jeans being your everyday uniform, but sometimes it’s just fun to put on a skater dress and feel like you can twirl all your worries away…

As for this skater dress in particular, it’s from the brand SH, my new brand obsession and the younger sister of Italian label Silvian Heach, which has graced this blog many a time. I was unsure of it at first, as the bow print felt like something I would have gone for ‘back in the day’ (whatever the heck that means!) and in all honesty the waistline doesn’t quite sit in the right place on my short frame. But I couldn’t resist the monochrome hue – and it turns out bow prints still do it for me.

Note on this jacket: I love it. I’ve pretty much developed a total thing for biker jackets over the past year, I just love how versatile that design is. And even though throwing over a (real or faux) leather jacket over a girlie dress might be the oldest trick in the book, it’s still one of my favourite things to do!

I of course love black biker jackets (like my Silvian Heach one), but coloured ones are pretty amazing too. I’m no stranger to grey leather and pleather jackets (here’s a super throwback post), and when I saw this biker design by Canadian label Soia & Kyo I couldn’t resist. I love the black zips, super classic cut and light hue – I really do feel like I can match it with anything in my wardrobe.

The black tights and my mint coat are probably the main giveaways as to when these pictures were taken, but ditch those two and you got yourself a London-friendly summer outfit.

Skater dress, SH by Silvian Heach (available here). Biker Jacket, Soia & Kyo (available here). Coat, Zara. Shoes, Primark. Satchel, The Cambridge Satchel Company. Earrings, ASOS. Ring, I am.

After weeks months of up and down weather, it is truly and finally starting to feel like sumner. And oh my, I’m so in dress mode at the moment – I’ve been naughty and added two more skater styles to my collections, so hopefully I’ll get to share them here soon… and prove my point even further!

Pictures taken in Chiswick House & Gardens and around west London on March 11th, 2017.



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