Style How To’s: The ASOS Pinafore Dress (2)

Yes peeps, you’re getting another pinafore dress post – but I can’t help it, the pinafore is one of my favourite things! And this post is sort of a continuation to a post I did, embarrassingly, over a year ago. Better late than never!

Speaking of 2016, this look was one of my favourites from early on last year – I’ve actually been wanting to give it a post of its own ever since. I guess I should also explain the reason I decided to make a mini ‘series’ with this humble jersey pinafore dress from ASOS – I simply wanted to prove how versatile these kinds of dresses can be. With my first post, I showed that it could work perfectly during chillier months as an extra layer of warmth by teaming it with a turtleneck. It’s also a very playful and I think, reminiscent of the sixties look.

This outfit, however, which is ideal for ‘transitional’ months and perhaps even work environments, is my favourite. I knew I wanted to style my pinafore dress with a shirt, although I wasn’t expecting to go particularly fancy. But oh my, what a revelation this pussy bow blouse has proven to be when matched with this dress!

In terms of colour, I suppose the black Beetlejuice stripes tie in with the blackness of this dress perfectly. As for the eye-catching pattern, supersize pussy bow and overall eccentricity of the blouse, the simplicity of the dress dials it all back accordingly, making what I hope is a dramatic, yet put-together, look.

This blouse is by the brand Mother Of Pearl. I got it all the way back in 2015, during the glorious summer that House Of Holland and Mother Of Pearl hosted a sample sale under the same roof. What an amazing day that was for my wardrobe, and what a tragedy for my bank account! One of the pieces I brought home from Mother Of Pearl was this blouse, which admittedly I’ve not worn much due to its ‘out there’ design. And now that I’ve paired it with this dress, I honestly can’t imagine wearing it with anything else!

Can I just take a moment to say how much I love this cross body back? I also love the vintage scissors print on the blouse, it bizarrely works with the cross over effect and even more funnily enough with the thick black stripe pattern.

I’m glad I can say that this outfit is still a favourite for 2017 too!

If you’re thinking of wearing a pinafore dress with a pussy bow blouse but a statement pussy bow blouse like this one might seem like a little too much, a plain pussy bow blouse will do the trick perfectly and look super chic.

And please excuse the complete lack of consistency with the photos, but I couldn’t resist sharing these four pictures too! My mum was visiting me in London at the time and we were out for the whole day. I got her to take a few outfit shots in the evening by Somerset House, but she also took a few casual ones when visiting not just Love Lane, but also the majestic Sky Garden!

Blouse, Mother Of Pearl. Dress, ASOS. Earrings, River Island. Bag, Zara. Shoes, House Of Avenues. Bracelet, gift. Nail bracelet, The Peach Box. Ring, from Hong Kong. Beanie, gift. Coat, Topshop.

I threw my new obsession love that is this long Topshop coat and my red beanie to keep warm, as these pictures were taken over two months ago and London was of course still pretty cold then. I like how it made the look a little more casual and of course, more colourful Рbecause as much as I love black and white, I much prefer black and white with a shot of colour.

I’m going to make a point of making the final continuation of this pinafore dress saga happen this year, and not in 2018! I know I can make it happen, so stay tuned for a summery take on the pinafore dress.

Pictures taken on February 24th, 2017 in Somerset House, Sky Garden and Love Lane.




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