The Polkadot Pinafore Dress


These pictures are ‘oldies’ – they taken all the way back in November of last year – but this outfit is still one of my favourite go-to looks.


Last year I discovered one of my new favourite things, the pinafore dress. As someone who is always looking for ways to stay warm and not compromise on style, this is something I’m still not over and can’t get enough of. I’m not saying pinafore dresses are the warmest thing ever, but every extra layer helps and wearing them over cosy jumpers is both and cosy.


I’ve never had a ton of interest in polkadots but I don’t mind their sweet, vintage vibe – so I couldn’t resist giving this little gem on ASOS a go. I bought it at the end of October – it was down to £9! – and even though I wasn’t a 100% sure about it at first, I ended up completely falling for it after about 5 minutes when trying it on with a fitted roll neck jumper.


I have a healthy mix of both loose and fitted jumpers, this pink one by Oasis being one of my absolute favourites. I lusted after it for months before giving in (I wanted to be 100% sure, I’m trying to be less impulsive these days!) and it was definitely one of my best autumn/winter 2016 buys. Like I’ve mentioned in other posts, ruffles and fancy sleeves have got me pretty cray cray at the moment, so I couldn’t resist the lovely little frilled trims on this piece.


I’m surprised the pinafore dress look didn’t become a full-on trend like say Victoriana shirts or trumpet sleeves, is it too niche? One step too girlie or too childlike? I think it’s one of the most charming looks that can be played around with in so many ways, without it resulting in something quirky or too trendy.



Oh hey, and here’s another addition to my extensive bag family… as I will probably never get my Chloe Faye shoulder bag fix, I couldn’t resist grabbing this cutie in Shoreditch for a little over £30. I love its neutral hues and the kinda pointless ring loop with the hook and chain, however it is a little thin for all the kind of crap I like to carry!


Dress, ASOS. Jumper, Oasis. Hat and umbrella, Primark. Bag, Sugar + Style. Boots, NW3.




So yes, even though these pictures are oldies, this look is still 100% relevant to my style…

And by the way, today it is 7 years since I published my first ever blog post! I can’t believe my little corner on the internet is 7, and even though it’s not always been smooth or easy, I know for a fact that I am even more passionate about blogging than when I first started back in 2010, and hope to give my blog some proper attention in 2017. Which means that yes, I really am going to try to post regularly and not have 5 million old drafts on the go that don’t get published – now that’s what you call a new year’s resolution!

Photographed on Fashion Street, East London in November 2016.



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