Floral Pleats And Shearling


I feel like I keep repeating myself but the pieces worn in these pictures are without doubt on the long list of favourite 2016 fashion buys. The look itself is probably one of my favourites too, as I wore it in Copenhagen for the first time and knew I wanted to give it a post of its own.


First up, it’s these two items of clothing that blew me away. I bought this off-the-shoulder jumper from River Island in May or June of last year. I had tried it on months before – the Bardot look was about to explode – and wasn’t 100% sure. Looking back, I should have tried it on in a size 6 – ridiculous, as in theory I’m nowhere near a size 6, but the size 8 was a just a little too roomy. But a few months passed and both those sizes sold out and I decided go big and order a size 10. Yes, it’s a very, very roomy size 10 and I do feel like I have to be careful because it is not fitted at all on the chest area, but so far I’m yet to humiliate myself in public – and I’ve grown to love its ‘oversized’ fit…

And it may be close to a year since I’ve had this jumper but I am yet to lose interest in the off-the-shoulder look – I think it’s such a sexy yet elegant style that works all year around. Yes, more so in the warmer months, but is it just me or can our shoulders handle the cold better than other body parts? (Then again, I know my long hair helps…)


My friend gave me these adorable eye earrings from Mango for my birthday – aren’t they amazing? People who have spotted them have referred to them as the evil eye – but isn’t the evil eye blue? Also, it sounds way too negative for such a cute piece of jewellery.



And as we all know, it’s no secret that I love a pleated skirt – but this piece is quite different for me. I dwelled on it for what felt like ages and finally bought it when it went down half price. When I first got it in the post and opened it up, I wasn’t sure about it, but decided to keep it and eventually fell head over heels for it. I love the floral motifs and the spring-perfect hues, which no, haven’t stopped me from wearing it throughout autumn and winter. Such is my love for it that I’ve matched it with black tights and my faithful grey ankle boots, but I must admit that I can’t wait to have a total “Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking” cliche moment and milk its summery vibes.



Unicorn shoes! These beauties were a brilliant find on ASOS at the end of last year, and what can I say. A thing of beauty. A pastel dream that match a high percentage of my wardrobe. An unashamedly ridiculous statement piece, which sadly are in hibernation until the temperatures rise.


Finally, there’s also this little faux shearling jacket by an up and coming brand that I’m obsessed with, Cubic. The shearling and aviator look has never really been my thing – my girlie style isn’t cool enough for it – but for I fell in love with this jacket the minute I laid eyes on it. It was probably its super soft texture, which was softly screaming “Touch me”, that got me. It’s been one of my most worn pieces this winter, as it’s so freakin’ cosy and actually does work with a lot of my looks. I was pretty surprised at myself for even matching it with this pleated skirt – it’s a bit off, but I like it.


Jacket, Cubic (available here). Jumper, River Island. Skirt, Miss Selfridge. Earrings, Mango. Hat and ring, Primark. Bag, Lavand. Shoes, ASOS (available here).



Yes, these pictures were taken all the way back in November, and ever since I’ve inevitably had to swap the nude tights and airy flats for black tights and boots, but the love for all these pieces remains untouched.

Photographed in Brick Lane, East London, on November 6th, 2016 – pictures by Ruth.



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