The Venetian Diaries: What I Wore

When in Venice… well, there was no way I was going to prioritise comfort over style for my trip to this beautiful Italian city. Luckily the weather was in our favour and I was able to pack relatively light – if only I were able to dress like this now! In terms of outerwear I took, and was fine with, two coats – one super light and the other one a little thicker but still completely useless for ultra low temperatures -, two scarves and my trustworthy floppy hat. As for the outfits, girlishness completely took over in one of the most romantic cities I have ever been in…

Day 1 (please excuse the super tired, ridiculously early flight face!): Trench coat, Silvian Heach (Spring/Summer ’17, available soon). Shirt, ASOS (bought quite a few months ago). Trousers, Desigual (Spring/Summer ’17, available soon). Shoes, Zara (bought quite a few months ago). Bag, Miu Miu (almost 9 years old!). Hoop earrings, Dorothy Perkins (bought last summer).

Day 2: Coat (bought at the start autumn ’16) and hat, Primark. Long cardigan, Oasis (bought last spring). Dress, ASOS (bought quite a few months ago). Scarf, Ted Baker. Shoes and bag, same as before.

Day 3: Hat, coat and bag, same as before. Dress, Relish (Spring/Summer ’17, available soon). Earrings, I am (bought in Malta). Shoes, Valentino. Scarf, hand-me-down from my mum!


Day 4: Hat, coat and shoes, as before. Dress, Oasis (bought last summer). Earrings, Swarovski (oldies).

Needless to say, dressing like a comfortable tourist is not my forte. But then again I was perfectly comfortable in all of these outfits! Also, on our first night in Venice we found out it was the last night of an event called Venice Fashion Night, so it felt right dressing rather excessively. It wasn’t crazy hot, but after living in London for so many years any bit of sun feels amazing and makes all the difference. I loved wearing my mint ASOS dress – it’s a pretty fancy piece but worked perfectly for walking the streets (and beach!) of Venice.

As for what I wore on our third day at Venice, well, it will be getting its own post soon, as it’s a somewhat significant outfit.

Photographs taken between October 29th and November 1st 2016 in Venezia, Italia.



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