6 Autumn/Winter ’16 Trends That I’m Loving

Seasonal trends, whether I end up trying them or not, are something I always like to be in the loop about, because even if at the end of the day I do my own thing I’m fascinated by street style and runway versus real-way fashion. But this autumn/winter season has been different – there are so many dramatic yet wearable looks available and I genuinely love so many of the trends hitting the high street right now.

A few of these trends started creeping up last season and haven’t gone anywhere for A/W’16, whilst others are personally for me perennial wardrobe staples. Below you’ll find a mesh up of pieces I bought a few months ago thrown in with more recent purchases – it’s a bit of an autumn/winter haul and pieces that slowly becoming wardrobe classics.

1. Bomber Jackets


The pink satin bomber jacket became a must-have last season, and its reign has continued for the chillier months too. However, for A/W’16 it’s not so much about pink, but more about oriental-inspired prints, such as exotic birds and statement florals. In fact, it needn’t even be printed, any kind of bomber goes – it really has been one of the trophy jackets of the season.

Let’s face it, we have been oversaturated with bomber jackets and the fever may have finally died down, but there’s just something so irresistible about them! And they much more than a trend for me, as I have loved them for years and consider them a timeless style. But you won’t be seeing me wearing one now, as I personally find it way too cold! If any of you feel the same way but don’t want to wait till the temperatures go up, why not try one of Topshop’s bomber-puffer hybrids? Also, I unintentionally styled it with a pleated skirt for this picture, and I think I love it? Bombers and pleated skirts – yay or nay?

2. Embroidery


I know I said I like to stay in the loop but I actually have no idea where this trend popped up from – still, I have completely fallen under its spell. I also love the versatility of embroidery – you can find it on leather and faux leather jackets, bombers, jeans, bags and shoes. And even though I’m no stranger to statement pieces, I thought twice about getting these beauties from Topshop – but I’m so glad I took the plunge because I love them! I’m also surprised by how people have reacted so posivitely to them – every time I wear them I get genuine compliments.

3. Pyjama Tops


OK, so what’s not to love about gorgeous silk pyjamas? My idea of comfort is not staying in my pjs all day and I’ve never owned a luxurious pair of these – but I’ve always thought these kinds of pyjamas deserve to be showcased outside of one’s home. So when the pyjama trend made its way back into the high street this autumn, I couldn’t resist its charming appeal and grabbed myself this shirt by Vero Moda.

I have to admit I regret keeping this piece as the construction of it is really poor – the buttons just don’t seem to be in the right place at all! But I love the print, piping and chest pocket, so I might see if changing the buttons around might improve it. I think it’s best to team it with door knocker earrings, red lipstick, peg-leg trousers and skinny jeans, but if you dare (and love the idea of living in your pjs), you could go all out and get yourself a coord set.

If an all-out printed pj top is too much, why not look for a plain shirt with piping? It looks so damn elegant and barely pyjama-esque.

4. Pinafore Dresses


Guys, I’m not going to lie – I feel a little smug because I embraced this look months ago. However, as my ASOS pinafore dress is made of jersey it’s a little more casual, and I’m loving high street fashion’s elegant take on the trend. My friend has treated herself to this beautiful ensemble from Next, which actually comes with a blouse. But there are cute, revisiting-childhood versions of it too – dungaree dresses that is!

I recently couldn’t resist adding another jersey pinafore dress to my collection when spotting this polkadot ensemble on ASOS last month – it was only £9! I’ll be sharing an outfit post of it soon…

5. Ruffles, frills, bell sleeves, and the Victoriana look


I’m sorry to keep banging on about this look, but I just can’t get over it! All it took was one style icon and a classic British brand – Alexa and Marks & Spencer – to cause absolute euphoria and make yoke pleats a long-lasting trend. Yes, yoke pleats are something I’ve been wanting to talk about for months on the blog, as I’m in love with this style. If you’re wondering why, it’s elegant, dramatic, a little bit excessive and historically inspired. I’m basically all for the excess of ruffled/frilled blouses at the moment – as you can see here, here and here, it was a trend I spent the whole summer embracing, and have yet to tire of it.

My latest obsession is bell sleeves, which is a trend in its own right and I feel like I could write an essay about but, like ruffles, yoke pleats and frills, does have a bohemian/Victorian vibe. This is why I love this ASOS shirt, which I bought a few months ago – it has yoke pleats (or a bib, whatever you prefer to call it) and pleated bell sleeves. I’m keeping an eye out for plain bell sleeves too, as there’s something so whimsical and pretty about them.

6. Pleated Midi Skirts


I’m not sure if this is a ‘trend’ that’s been as acknowledged in current fashion media as other trends, but I do feel like I’ve seen a lot of women sporting it as of late and, of course, there are so many options right now on the high street (and metallic pleated skirts are definitely having a moment). As I mentioned in my post about transitional pieces, I’m an avid supporter of pleated midi skirts (well, they’re a wardrobe staple of mine), since they can look just as pretty with heels and flats in the summer as they can with tights and ankle boots. Indeed, I’ll be wearing my Primark skirt with my spankin’ new Topshop embroidered boots.

I know a lot of fashion girls prefer the winter months in terms of fashion, which I get because come on, what’s not to love about layers, cosy jumpers, coats and, a personal favourite of mine, hats? Having said that, I’m definitely more of a spring and summer girl, but I’m glad I’ve come across so many trends to love during these colder months! Have you tried any of these trends, or are you also keen on other A/W’16 looks, like aviators, shearling, metallics, trousers with tasselled trims or teddy coats to name a few? What are your favourite looks for autumn/winter 2016?



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