The White Dress And The Beach

I’ve been on the beach in a white dress before (here’s a throwback post for y’all) but I’d say this is a step up from back then – in terms of glamour, but not practicality…


The last weekend of July my boyfriend and I visited the quiet seaside town of Bognor Regis to visit a friend of mine – it wasn’t exactly boiling but as you can see we did catch a glimpse of the sun, and most importantly we got to see the sea!


Despite having grown up next to the sea I’m not very good at beach dressing – but I knew I wanted to wear this dress. After spotting a beautiful beach-themed picture of it on Instagram I straight away went onto AX Paris’s website, which I’ve never shopped on before. I actually wasn’t sure about it when I got it in the post and considered refunding it. In fact, I was pretty determined to refund it but missed the deadline to do so – and in hindsight I’m glad I did, as it’s become one of my favourite summer dresses.


Initially I felt like the top part of it didn’t do me any favours, but let’s just say I got passed it… I absolutely love the appliqué/cut-out detailing and the full skirt, it’s very dramatic and the true definition of a skater dress, which has always been and always will be my favourite kind of dress. The lining in polyester but the outer part of it is actually cotton – sort of a plus?


Dress, AX Paris (available here). Choker, ASOS. Shoes, Bershka. Ice cream bag, Primark (similar here). Earrings, Alex Monroe. Chunky bracelet, All Saints. Nail bracelet, The Peach Box. Faux leather jacket (seen below), Silvian Heach (available here).



I suppose it’s a little too much for the beach but like I said, I don’t know how to do dressing down. Or perhaps the main issue is my choice of shoes – I may have discovered trainers recently but I definitely can’t do casual beach-friendly shoes!





And yes, I finally wore a fun bag again! I really miss wearing them as they became such a huge part of my style, but having a normal Monday to Friday 9 to 5(:30) schedule has sadly made me realise that food and other shaped bags aren’t so practical after all. But I couldn’t resist buying this ice cream bag from Primark this summer – it felt like it was the only shape missing in my bag wardrobe. Considering it was only £9, the quality is pretty nice. And isn’t it just perfect for the beach?


I stuck to a pastel-ish, super summery colour theme and wore my ‘old’ Hobbs lemon yellow belt, Bershka pastel-tastic sheer brogues and ASOS baby pink choker – but couldn’t resist a little dose of bling too. I got this bracelet for £5 at an All Saints sample sale this summer – it’s so NOT All Saints though, right?







The finishing touch? I’ll always be a fan of throwing a leather or faux leather jacket over a girlie dress. This one is from what became one of my favourite discoveries last year, Italian brand Silvian Heach. It played a big part in my Instagram looks this summer – and no, it’s not real leather, but I still feel like the quality of it is beautiful.

I think it’s sadly time for both my white dress and faux leather jacket to go into hibernation, as winter is around the corner. But sometimes, there’s no harm in dreaming of summer…

Photographed on July 30th, 2016 in Bognor Regis, West Sussex.



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