The Star Jeans And Saturn Bag


Like I mentioned in one of my previous posts I did a bit too much shopping the past few months – but it’s a feeling of guilt mixed with an immense sense of satisfaction, as a lot of these pieces are truly unexpected additions that are so different to what’s in my wardrobe and have, for now, become essentials I can’t live without… And these star jeans are a fine example!


First of all, I am aware that these jeans tick all the right boxes to be called ridiculous. I spotted them on Instagram (again proving that it is one of the worst sites for shopaholics) months ago and kinda fell in love with them but instantly thought there was no way my petite and not that slim frame would pull off these crazy pants (even though I’m no stranger to star pants!). But I couldn’t stop thinking about them and decided to take the plunge. When they arrived in the post, I knew I didn’t want to send them back.


I said this about my cactus jeans and I feel the same way about these jeans too – they don’t make my legs look long and slim but I love them anyway. Yes, clothes should be flattering, but sometimes loving something to bits so much that it makes you feel super awesome every time you wear it (even though it’s not making you look, by society’s boring conventional standards, amazing) should be more than enough, right? I love these jeans every time I look down at them – I love the painted-on effect of the stars, the distressed detailing and the fact that because I’m a shorty I have to roll up the ankles.


Also, this is funnily enough the first time I have ever had a successful shop with Boohoo – I rarely shop on their website and whenever I have it’s always gone back. So I’m pretty pleased that the same thing did not happen with these jeans!


Jeans, Boohoo (available here). T-shirt, ASOS (sold out). Earrings, Parfois. Bracelets, All Saints and The Peach Box. Saturn bag, Skinny Dip London (available here). Shoes, Bershka.



For some reason, I don’t feel like these jeans necessarily require a simple top – come winter, I’ll try matching them with dramatic shirts and blouses. When these pictures were taken however, I was so in the mood to try my new grey t-shirt from ASOS. Have you guys ever bought their 2 and 3 packs of tops? I couldn’t resist buying this set that included a grey, white and black tee in a natural jersey fabric. Despite being super oversized for me (had there been a size 8 in stock I would have grabbed that instead of the size 10), I love it to bits. This set was almost sold out when I bought out but I’m sure they have similar things on offer, as one can never have too many great (and white, and black) oversized tees.


Finally, it’s time for you to meet my adorable saturn bag from Skinny Dip London!



Isn’t it a cutie? I waited for months for it to go into the sale as I couldn’t justify giving Skinny Dip all my money anymore. It’s good that I waited because I won’t be using it too regularly, as it’s sooo tiny! But like a lot of my bags its cuteness makes up for its impracticality – and because I love matching and going along with ‘themes’, I thought I might as well go a little space mad.


I wore this all the way back in July when my boyfriend and I visited Bognor Regis in West Sussex – a street art background would have been ace but this little park wasn’t so bad after all!

I know this is a pretty summery outfit like I said, I’m sure you’ll be seeing more of these jeans on my Instagram soon matched with a Victorian blouse of some sort… stay tuned.

Photographed in Bognor Regis, West Sussex, on July 31st, 2016.



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