The Silk Bomber Jacket


Happy October peeps! I always bang on about how May and April are my favourite months of the year, but one’s gotta love their birthday month, right? Plus, this October so far has been happily mild – which makes me feel a little less guilty about sharing these summery pictures that are four months old, yikes!

Yes guys, I totally fell for the bomber jacket trend this summer. I’m no stranger to bomber jackets (One of my most in-your-face pieces being this one, and a sheer pink one too!) so when two of my favourite things in this world, pink and satin-ish fabric, were meshed into one of the most exploited trends of the year, there was no way I was going to be able to resist such a match made in heaven.


I searched around a little – there was a cute but expensive one at Mango, and another pretty one at Stradivarius… But it was this beauty, by Danish brand Culture, that stole my heart. So pink and silky!



It’s not often I envision an outfit in my head and actually make it happen, but this was pretty much how I’d envisioned wearing a pink silk bomber jacket. Which is strange, because it’s so not me! I’m not a jeans girls and most certainly not a trainers girl, but I love these items to bits and it is refreshing to try something so different to my usual style.


This tee is an oldie from H&M! I saw it on my friend a few years ago and fell in love with it – she then gave me her blessing to copy her. But even though I love the colour and message, I don’t think it actually suits me that much. However, there was something about wearing it with a pair of jeans that made me fall in love with it all over again.


But what really makes this bomber jacket is the birds – they’re just so jazzy! I’ve thought about removing the embellishments because even for me they’re a bit much (and my hair gets caught up in them – ouch!), but, for now, I kinda like the excess.


This little bag is by the Spanish brand that I have been obsessed with for over a year now, Lavand. It’s actually part of their A/W’16 collection (you can buy it here and soon on House Of Fraser), but I managed to get my hands on a sample all the way back in May. And isn’t its off-pink shade just ideal for summer? It’s not just the shade that got me though, I love the grab handle, small yet compact size, studs on the bottom and overall lady-like, vintage-esque feel it’s got.


And now it’s time for you to meet one of my unexpectedly favourite pieces I’ve purchased this year – my Zara cactus jeans. And there’s a story as to why I bought these jeans. Back in June, I went to Glastonbury festival (yes, it was amazing) – before going, I became extremely paranoid that everything I would take there would get ruined. My boyfriend convinced me that jeans were the best choice and, not wanting to pay much or feel super unstylish, I bought two jeans in Zara’s sale, these being one of them. Well, they survived Glastonbury’s mud and they have appeared regularly on my Instagram feed ever since. I am obsessed with the cactus and even though the boyfriend shape isn’t by mainstream, conventional standards, super flattering on short little me – it doesn’t make my legs look infinitely long nor slim – I love wearing them and make me feel cool, as sad as that is.


The jeans are actually full of quirky details – funnily enough embroidery on denim and pretty much any other kind of surface is a big thing for A/W’16, isn’t it? I’ve got a bit of a crush on these jeans at the moment…


And finally, trainers. Real actual trainers, and not that like these beauties I sported last year. What possessed me to take the plunge and finally join the trainer gang, you ask? I don’t really know – it was probably peer fashion pressure. After a lot of searching, doubting, buying and refunding, online browsing and never-ending deliberation, I came across these beauties in one of my all-time favourite shops, Spanish brand Stradivarius – who FINALLY opened a store in Oxford Street, hallelujah. I’d seen them on their online shop and had a feeling about them – when I went into the shop and tried them on, I was sold. I love them so much but sadly their bad quality has shown through, as the mesh part has already come undone from the lace bit. I’m going to have to see if I can get them fixed though, because even though they were only £15, I don’t feel done with them yet.


This post has become a post of stuff I never thought I would wear but have ended up becoming obsessed with, such as chokers. I might have to write a separate post on chokers because I have pretty strong opinions about them, but let’s start off with me saying that I love this pink ribbon one from ASOS. It’s sweet and simple and goes with about 90% of my wardrobe – and most importantly, I don’t feel like an eighties kid trying to be a nineties kid.

The earrings are from Zara – I waited for these beauties to go down in their summer sale. They are divine but sadly won’t be getting out much, as they are heavy and painful AF.

pic12Bomber jacket, Culture. T-shirt, H&M (oldie). Earrings and jeans, Zara (no longer available). Bag, Lavand. Choker, ASOS (similar here). Trainers, Stradivarius (similar here).

I know this is ridiculous but I’ve finally realised that I can feel girlie without wearing a dress. For most people, a jeans and t-shirt is their comfort zone – for me it’s the opposite. But now I know that wearing these two wardrobe basics doesn’t mean I’m going to look boring or like a boy. My style is girlie, colourful and quirky – and these are characteristics that can be applied to any item of clothing. I now know that I like wearing jeans as long as they have a special twist to them, and that I won’t say no to trainers if they’re a beautiful shade of pink. It’s quite refreshing to feel like my girlishness will not be compromised!







Please excuse the picture spamming, but I couldn’t not share! Also, how beautiful is this London spot that was completely unknown to me up until the day these pictures were taken? All these pictures were taken around York House Gardens in Twickenham, which was a pretty amazing discovery and shockingly not full of tourists. It was a beautiful day when we went there, but I long to go back despite the temperatures having gone down a little. So, be careful who you tell this magical – and very romantic – spot about, as its tranquility is part of what made it so charming.

Photographed in Twickenham, London, on July 10th, 2016.



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