The ASOS Flamingo Shirt

First of all, please excuse my face in these pictures – I am smiling and it’s by no means a fake smile, but I was extremely ill at the time and felt like I was dying! But hey, that’s how much I love blogging and sharing my wardrobe with you – and how could I not take advantage of this cheerful background?


I’ve been wanting to showcase this shirt ever since I bought it all the way back in May (yikes!). If there’s one thing that there hasn’t been enough of on my blog, it’s flamingos. I mean, aren’t they the kitschiest, cutest and pinkest animal of them all?


And what better way is there to start building up a collection of flamingo prints in my wardrobe than with this cutie from ASOS? I don’t remember how I came across it on the site – I may have typed in the word ‘flamingo’ into the search button, or I may have just been having an innocent look at their shirts’ section, but the minute I saw it I was obsessed. It didn’t last long in my basket because I noticed a lot of sizes kept going out of stock – it was not a time to be stingy!


I’m so glad I bought it – as it was at the end of May when I got it, I didn’t think I’d be getting much use out of it as hey, summer was around the corner, right? Wrong – it’s been such a modest summer in London that I got to wear it in May, June, probably July and August, when these pictures were taken. I’m not complaining though, as I couldn’t wait to wear it – it’s colourful and comfortable, which is perfect for any season of the year.



ASOS described this shirt as a pyjama shirt – I didn’t realise I was sorta tapping into an autumn/winter’16 trend when getting this. I like that it’s not too full-on pyjama-ish though (not that I don’t love the total pyjama look, I’ll be sporting it soon on the blog!), as the Peter Pan-esque collar will look sweet over a jumper. I also love the chest pocket andĀ slate blue piping, which is very pyjama-like – in a good way, of course.



I teamed it with what are becoming my good old faithful jeans, the Zara cactus jeans. I prefer to roll them up but that’s how cold I was that day – I needed as many inches of my body covered up as possible.


Shirt, ASOS (similar here). Jeans, Zara. Earrings, American Apparel (oldies). Ring, from Hong Kong. Loafers, Topshop (oldies). Bag, Kate Spade.



My boyfriend and I went back to what has become one of my favourite cities ever, Edinburgh, in August to experience Fringe Festival. This wall was part of some show that was on in a park, close to where all the main action was taking place. It was amazing to be in the Scottish capital again but the only thing that I found tough was the cold, rainy weather – it did not feel like summer at all! Which is why I’m, by my non-British standards, so covered up in these pics, and why I think this old #ootd is actually very relevant – this is pretty much how I’ve been dressing the past few weeks.

Speaking of oldĀ #ootd’s, I think this is the last of my summer outfits that I have to show you, and even though I’m not looking forward to the temperatures going down, I’m excited about getting a few autumn pics on the blog…

Photographed in Edinburgh, Scotland, on August 22nd, 2016.



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