The Perfect Transitional Outfit

I’ve been wanting to post these pictures from the moment my boyfriend took them. It is probably one of my favourite outfits from this year (big statement, I know) but never got around to it and kept feeling sad about it, as I felt it would loose relevance. Oh, how wrong was I. Because in the same way that it served as the perfect transitional outfit from spring to summer, I now feel it makes the perfect transitional outfit from summer to autumn. A win win situation…

Duster coat, ASOS. Sleeveless jumper, Blend She. Skirt and ring, Primark. Bag and shoes, Zara. Earrings, Swarovski.

Let’s start off with what has ended up being my favourite addition to my wardrobe in 2016 (there goes another big statement, I’m all for a little drama today) – this dusty pink ASOS duster coat. I actually bought it all the way back in December of last year, and felt extremely unsure about it from the moment I tried it on. Being the shorty that I am, I didn’t think a full length coat would ever be a sensible or flattering option for moi. As it’s been so long ago, I have no idea what was going through my head when looking at long coats on ASOS. I may have been looking for a pink coat or trench (because a girl can never have too many pink coats… said no one), and this beauty came up at an attractively reduced price. The fact that it was part of ASOS’ petite collection gave me hope, so I went for it.

Like I said, it was not love at first sight when I tried it on – I barely knew what a duster coat was and felt like I looked like I was wearing a lab coat. But for some reason I decided to keep it and patiently waited for the warmer days to arrive, as it’s a super light coat. After coming back from New York, I gave it a go – and I was madly in love from the moment I walked out of the door wearing this outfit.

As the weather has been so crap in London this summer, I’ve got so much use out of this coat the past few months. It’s not a winter coat but because it’s so light you can easily wear thick knitwear underneath it, which makes me hopeful about wearing it this month and maybe even next month. Hence why I think a thin duster coat makes a perfect transitional piece for British-like weather.

Another perfect transitional piece? The pleated midi skirt. Perfect for cooler days with tights, it’s also a great summer piece as it lets your legs feel nice and breezy. I got this skirt from Primark in April – I loved it from the minute I laid eyes on it, and the length seems to suit my short frame. The funny thing is I bought it and wore it almost straight away, only to remember a few days later that months earlier I had invested in a pink pleated midi skirt from ASOS. It was one of the silliest buys ever! They’re different but at the same time so similar, I probably wouldn’t have bought the Primark had not had such an amnesic moment. But I definitely don’t regret buying it (I think I prefer it to the ASOS one, oops!), and have used both skirts lots. It doesn’t always hurt to have a few identical similar things in one’s wardrobe!

Sleeveless roll neck tops also make good transitional pieces. The one I’m wearing here – a chunky knit sample piece by a Danish brand called Blend She – is probably too hot for super high temperatures, but perfect for those not-that-cold-but-not-that-warm days. However, I’d go as far to say that jersey sleeveless tops with a small roll neck are great for unreliable British weather all year round – they look super slick and can be worn with a cardi for extra warmth when needed.

I expressed my love for this rucksack by Zara in one of my New York posts and am willing to do it again – without doubt, rucksacks with a faux leather finish look great all year around.

Nude pointed flats are always a winner. I must have bought these in Zara in May and boy, have I got use out of them. I sort of wish I had bought two pairs of them, because they have proved to be such a handy pair of shoes. I’d forgotten how amazing it is to have a pair of shoes that are pretty, elegant, comfortable and super easy to put on (always a plus when you’re rushing in the morning). They are looking pretty tired now – I’ve worn them all summer, and I never expect great quality from Zara – and all I can do is advise you all to why not, buy two of something you love. It’s worth it!

I wore this look on the day my boyfriend and I went to see the lovely VOGUE 100 exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery – it was the last day of the exhibition! Unfortunately no pictures were allowed at the exhibition and I wasn’t feeling risqué enough to break the rules – so all I can share with you guys is the cover of the exhibition’s official book.

So there you have it – these pictures were taken almost four months ago and somehow sharing them today feels kinda relevant, am I right? Well, that’s what I’m going to tell myself anyway.

I do feel like I have to apologise because none of these items are available anymore, but I do feel they are very simple pieces that wouldn’t be hard to find! That’s the great thing about simple items – they make great transitional and sometimes all-year-around staples.

Photographed near Trafalgar Square, London on May 22nd, 2016.



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