Pink Trousers and Panda Scarves

It may not been have been a great summer in London weather wise, but it’s been a good one for me in terms of shopping! Sure, I’ve done a little (lots of) damage, but a lot of these wardrobe newbies really do feel like investment pieces.

I talked about this duster coat in my previous post, which definitely feels like an investment piece, and these pieces are ticking all the right boxes to earn the same title.

I wore this outfit at the end of June – it’s so depressing that I had to cover up this much that month, June should be a hot month, even in London!

Shirt and duster coat, ASOS. Trousers, Oasis. Hat, Primark. Rucksack and shoes, Zara. Ring, from Hong Kong. Panda scarf, Cleo Ferin Mercury.


Let’s start off with this shirt, which I totally bought because of my obsession with Archive By Alexa’s Harry blouse, seen here. I am completely and utterly obsessed with frills and yoke pleats on shirts and blouses. Having said that, I know this is a big trend for autumn/winter, but I did not buy this shirt with the intention of buying into an upcoming trend. I just love it to bits and can see myself wearing for a few years, not just for one season in which frilly things are supposedly in. Also, how amazing is chambray? I love baby blue but I’ve never quite divulged in chambray – and I have no idea why cause I now absolutely love it, it’s such a beautiful effect.

I don’t really like buying something and not being able to wear it straight away. At first it felt a bit pointless buying a thickish, long-sleeved shirt in May, but I just couldn’t resist with this piece. And I ended up being able to wear it quite a few times thanks to the non-summery temperatures we experienced throughout May and June.

As for these pink trousers, obsessed would again have to be my choice of wording to describe how I feel about them. I love them so much and have worn them non-stop this summer. I’m very iffy about trousers and don’t feel like they flatter me – especially if they don’t have any kind of print and are lightly coloured! These are two elements that someone with chubby legs should probably avoid at all costs if they are looking for something ultra flattering. I don’t feel like these trousers are the most flattering item I’ve got – I’m first and foremost a dress girl – but for some reason, I love wearing them.

Finally, can a gigantic silk panda scarf be an investment piece? Why not. I love all things Cleo Ferin Mercury and am now the proud owner of three of the brand’s beautiful animal scarves (my cat one was seen here). They’re just so playful and chic, what’s not to love about them? My friend grabbed this for me when the brand held a sample sale in May – I couldn’t go because I was on my way to New York, so I owe my friend big time!

I also love how versatile these scarves are – a personal favourite style of mine is turning them into a bow, although if I were any good with head scarf styles, I’d be on that too.

The one good thing about having reached the end of the summer is that I’ll soon be able to wear hats again, which is the only thing I truly love about winter. Well, coats too.

I did warn you guys a while back that after the Harry blouse a frills overflow would be happening on the blog… it’s not over yet!

Photographed in West Acton, London on June 3rd, 2016 – pictures by Diana.



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