Florals, Shoulders And The Countryside

As summer is officially drawing to an end in two days, writing about such a summery outfit does feel a bit odd. But I couldn’t not share these pictures of what I feel was the dress that made my summer.

OK, that’s a little dramatic, but this £13 piece from Primark really has been one my favourite go-to looks during the past few months, making me feel ridiculously girlie and summery.

Dress and bracelet, Primark. Earrings, Gogo Philip. Ring, from Hong Kong. Belt, part of a New Look dress borrowed from my friend. Shoes, Bershka. Bag, Kate Spade.


I fell for this dress the minute I saw it in Primark. As I mentioned in this post, shoulder cleavage has been one of my favourites trends this season – and when I fall for a trend, I fall hard. I love the off-the-shoulder/Bardot look as much as I love the cold shoulder look – when I wore this dress all the way back in October last year I didn’t realise I was tapping in on a trend that was about to go huge.

As well as the frilled shoulders, I love the ditsy floral print. The colours are just so pretty and elegant, which happen to match perfectly with my Bershka brogues.

You can only expect so much from Primark – the fit of this dress isn’t perfect but it’s pretty damn good!

I bought it just before going to New York and couldn’t resist taking it with me (I ended up wearing it whilst visiting Central Park, how appropriate), but this beautiful place proved to be the best scenario for it.

Isn’t it divine? (Not the dress peeps!) If any of you are planning a trip to Cheshire, the north of England, go to Pickmere Lake – it’s such a stunning, peaceful and quiet spot in the middle of nowhere, which we all need sometimes.

I went full on country – and it wasn’t even that warm or sunny that day.

Not sure if a dress like this needs a ton of bling? But I just couldn’t resist wearing my classic Gogo Philip earrings and this chunky bracelet, which is also by Primark.

This was actually a hand me down from a friend – I wasn’t sure about it at first because I felt it was something old me (whatever that means) would have worn. But within a few days it completely grew on me! It’s so OTT but I love it – it’s got a touch of drama, which I seem to be really into these days.

Finally, meet my latest pricey baby, a luxurious souvenir I got in New York. Kate Spade is one of my favourite brands in the whole world – it would be my dream to have a house wardrobe full of Kate stuff. So I couldn’t resist when I saw this little beauty in the brand’s store in Bleeker Street – more or less opposite Magnolia Bakery (sigh). It was ridiculously expensive, but luckily on sale and so worth it, even if it’s a tiny little thing.

And yes, I’m wearing a designer bag with a low cost dress – I believe in the democracy of fashion!

Another amazing thing about Pickmere Lake? It’s got the most amazing bunny bench! Isn’t he a beauty?

Sadly, this dress is looking a little worn out, so I’ve put it into hibernation. I think it’ll definitely be good for another summer though, as I don’t intend to abandon the shoulder look next spring.

Looking at these pictures is making me crave an escape to the countryside, but also sun and heat, which I’ll thankfully be getting some of in a few days time. Which means I will probably be ‘abandoning’ the blog again, but I promise it won’t be for (too) long!

Photographed in Pickmere Lake, Cheshire, on June 11th, 2016.



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