Cute But Psycho

T-shirt, Brandy Melville (different versions here). Skirt, Zara (sold out). Hat, Primark. Necklace, bought at Here Today, Here Tomorrow. Earrings, Tatty Devine. Bag, Zara. Shoes, Clarks.

There was no other title I could give this post because it’s all about this sorta iconic t-shirt by Brandy Melville.

I remember first seeing this t-shirt or a similar version of it in Brandy Melville’s King’s Road store over a year ago. I found it kind of adorable, but a boring thing called common sense took over me and subsequently made me decide that I did not need a t-shirt that implies I’m a psycho. I soon regretted this mature decision, but it was too late. I’m not sure if Brandy Melville was the first to come up with this style and if others followed, but Brandy’s was my favourite and none of the other versions that I was seeing managed to grab me as much as the first version I’d laid eyes on.

 A few months ago I found myself wandering around the Cali-inspired Italian brand’s King’s Road store yet again, not at all looking for anything that said “Cute but psycho” only to surprisingly spot this tee. I was thrilled and practically leaped to the till with my psycho tee. I cannot remember what the first version I saw of this t-shirt was exactly like, it might have been a pocket tee with the words stitched on the pocket. I have a thing for pocket tees but a good old classic tee doesn’t offend me, and I love the stitching effect on this one. It’s got a pretty nice fit too, despite strangely being a one size style.

I took it with me to New York and broke the aesthetic rule that is to not match pink and red – but I think it strangely works? I love this pink skirt by Zara – it’s girlie yet elegant and so damn easy to match with the ton of pastel shades I have in my wardrobe.

If I could, I would wear my floppy hats all year round – don’t they work with summery looks too?

I bought these matchstick earrings at Tatty Devine’s sample sale in April, and love them to bits. They’re quirky and eye-catching but rather elegant too – and kinda match what has become this summer’s lip obsession for me, Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipstick in ‘Kathryn’, discovered and bought in NYC.

The necklace was not found in my father’s tool box, but bought at the end of last year in a super cute shop in Dalston called Here Today, Hear Tomorrow – sadly I think it may have closed three months ago but may continue to trade online?

My friend took these pictures of me in front of a super cheerful mural in Williamsburg almost four months ago – I’ve never posted anything so late on the blog, shameful! But it’s still relevant guys, as I still love and wear my Zara skirt and I’m still kinda cute but a little psycho? Just kidding (sorta).

Photographed in Williamsburg, New York, USA, on May 11th, 2016 – pictures by Ruth.



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