Throwback: All Ruffled Up

Yes peeps, indeed I am all ruffled up because I discovered a new passion. Alexa Chung for M&S’s iconic (ish) Harry blouse (seen in my last outfit post) unleashed this need for me to collect shirts and blouses with ruffles. But not just any ordinary ruffles – ruffle bibs, to be precise.

Hat, Primark (seen here). Shirt, Marks & Spencer. Earrings, Pink Lovebird. Scarf, Cleo Ferin Mercury (seen here). Shorts, Lavand (seen here). Backpack, Zara. Ring, from Hong Kong. Shoes, ASOS.

Not long after debuting my Harry blouse I fell into a pattern and couldn’t resist purchasing this piece, which is funnily enough also by M&S. Clearly the British brand are loving ruffles too!

What do I truly find so appealing about ruffle bibs? I have no idea, as my rational side can see that they are bordering on ridiculous. But my irrational side loves the detailing, the drama, the femininity of it all. Placing ruffles along the front so that it resembles a bib also gives a shirt a charmingly Victorian feel, although I do think this shirt by M&S looks pretty contemporary, if I may say so myself. What I also loved about it was its subtle check pattern and sheerness, it’s a very unique piece even though it’s also on trend. As the weather in London has been a nightmare up until a few weeks ago I’ve been wearing it lots – at least one good thing has come out of this non-existent summer!

And meet one of my current can’t-live-without’s – this Zara backpack, which has bombarded my Instagram for the past two months. My attraction to it was like how a magpie reacts to jewellery – I grabbed it from the shelf and flew straight to the till. Sometimes I just can’t resist shiny things! I justified it by saying to myself that it would make a great bag for my New York adventure (Which it did, but I have plenty of other fab bags that are just as New York worthy!), although it has ended up becoming one of my everyday essentials for both work and play. I don’t know how long it’ll last, but I’ve definitely got my cost-per-wear value out of it!

I don’t seem capable of doing an outfit that consists of just a few ‘serious’ shades, so I just had to throw in my beloved Cleo Ferin Mercury scarf (seen here) to add a splash of colour.

But it wasn’t just my scarf that provided the colour popping! I kind of unexpectedly fell for lace-up shoes (again, such dramatic things) and treated myself to this fabulously pink pair by ASOS. They were a hit in New York – I had both men and women genuinely complementing them. Silly me has got a bit lazy about wearing them as of late – as during the week I’m always rushing for work – but writing about them today has inspired me to not forget this trend just yet.

So these photos are total ‘oldies’ by today’s way too fast-paced standards, as they were taken all the way back in May, when my friend and I visited the beautiful NY neighbourhood of Chelsea. It’s crazy to think the weather then was overall way better than what we’ve been experiencing in the British capital ever since I got back…

Despite this outfit not being too summery I didn’t want to not share it, as this newfound obsession of mine will be popping up on the blog again soon!

Photographs taken by my friend Ruth in the Chelsea neighbourhood of New York, USA, on May 7th, 2016.



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