The New York Style Edit (What I Wore)

Oh my, to say that I’ve been MIA is an understatement! It has not, however, been a case of blogger’s block, but more of a life change. Work (and thankfully, a bit of play) has taken over, leaving me little to no energy to do much  else. Which is a shame because a break from my blog is not what I needed, I’ve missed it terribly! So even though my trip to New York happened almost two months ago (not really – at the beginning of May) I am still going to reminisce about it like there’s no tomorrow, as the Big Apple has been on my mind ever since I left.

And how can one talk about New York without talking about fashion? Travelling light is my mantra, even though it’s not something I’ve always excelled at. Then again, for the past decade most of my flights have involved me taking my luggage on board, so comfort was key. 

New York was thankfully a different story – as I naturally got to check in one suitcase, I felt like going all out. In my world, that means two pairs of shoes instead of just one (moderate, right?), two hats instead of none (!!), one big bag and a planned set of outfits for each day of my stay…

Day 1 (May 5/6): Primark hat / Zara coat & bag (new!) / Forever 21 dress (oldie, seen here) / Clarks shoes 

Day 2 (May 6/7): Primark dress and hat / Zara bag / Clarks shoes

Day 3 (May 7/8): Primark hat / Marks & Spencer shirt (new!) / Cleo Ferin Mercury cat scarf (seen here) / Lavand shorts seen here) / Pink Lovebird earrings / ASOS shoes (new)

Day 4 (May 8/9): Primark hat / ASOS top (new!) / Tatty Devine earrings (new!) Zara skirt (new!) / Clarks shoes

Day 5 (May 9/10): Primark dress (new!) and hat / Swarovski earrings / Alex Monroe necklace / ASOS shoes

Day 6 (May 10/11): Primark hat / Warehouse top (new!) / Lavand shorts / Clarks shoes

Day 7 (May 11/12): Primark hat / Brandy Melville t-shirt (new!) / Tatty Devine earrings / Zara skirt & bag / Clarks shoes

Day 8 (May 12/13): H&M dress (seen here) / Clarks shoes

Can you tell that, apart from my hat and coat, I was in summer mode? And luckily being underdressed was not an issue, as the weather was ideal! It was rainy here and there for the first few days but after that the sun graced us with its beautiful presence, making our trip even better.

I’ve been way too naughty lately and sort of but not really used New York as an excuse to add a few newbies to my wardrobe – my main obsession, as you can see, being shoulders. I got two almost identical ‘cold shoulder’ dresses from Primark (couldn’t help it, absolutely fell in love with the style and prints) and a few new Bardot tops, which I really should dedicate separate posts to, as I’m obsessed with shoulder cleavage!

As for New York fashion, I can’t say I got to see a lot of it. As we were mostly in Manhattan, which I’m sure that style wise is completely different from Brooklyn, there seemed to be a lot of classy, work-friendly looks strutting about. But I’m sure that, as well as sophistication, there must be plenty of full-on NY fashionistas. Will do more people-watching next time!

As for my suitcase on the way back, it was surprisingly only a little fuller than before arriving to New York. I bought two bags (more on that later on) and a few beauty bits but, shock horror, no clothes. I have no idea why guys, I guess my friend and I just didn’t do an insane amount of clothes shopping? I don’t regret it though, as I have everything I need in London town!

Pictures taken by my friend Ruth in New York between May 5th and May 12th 2016 in New York.



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