Waistcoats And Statement Jewellery

It’s so nice for me to be doing a post that’s all about my jewellery, as I am just as obsessed with bling as I am with clothes, but rarely talk much about my extensive collection. That’s because a lot of the time it’s hiding in my hair! And believe it or not, it’s actually really difficult to get good pictures of jewellery and earrings – I don’t have the right hair for it.

I wore this outfit almost two weeks ago for two weeks ago – I am loving my new roll neck by Oasis and it served as the perfect canvas for my sparkly jewels.

Hat (seen here), waistcoat (seen here) and boots (seen here), Topshop. Earrings, Pink Lovebird. Necklace, Maya Vergel. Badge, Valley Cruise Press. Ring and bracelet, family gifts. Other bracelet, The Peach Box. Skirt, House of Holland (seen here). Bag, NW3 (seen here).

First up, it’s these earrings by one of my favourite online jewellery shops that sadly closed a few weeks ago, Pink Lovebird. They had a massive sale so I bagged myself a ton of statement earrings for an unfairly cheap price – silly me didn’t actually realise that it was indeed a closing sale till a few days after my order.

I love the turquoise shade and exotic feel of them – they’re big so perfectly formed that they don’t feel overbearing.

They’re the perfect pop of colour for a dark or neutral outfit, don’t you think?

In my previous post I showcased my switch earrings by Maya Vergel, now it’s this beauty’s turn. A flower eye with eyelashes too? It’s so strange but oh so beautiful, and so beautifully made!

And yes, as much as I love being matchy-matchy, sometimes I think, “Why make a choice?” Clashing is fun too. My friend not only bought me a new batch of Maya Vergel goodies, she also brought me this super happy doughnut from Valley Cruise Press. Like everyone else, I have fallen in love with badges and pins that remind us of the 90’s (remember my dancing ladies emoji badge, also from Valley Cruise Press?) – they weren’t all bad, I guess!

As for the clothes, well, I have a new love – short roll/polo/turtle necks are the most chic thing ever! I’ll always have a fondness for long turtle necks – after all, they’re the ones that are going to keep you warmer – but high necks (oh my, another term) are just so subtle and sophisticated, no?

I ordered this one from Oasis last month, at the same time that I ordered my other Oasis stripe high neck top. I love colour but I also believe that black will always have my back. I hope that this knitted top is reasonably good quality, because I definitely see it as an investment. There’s no way I wouldn’t wear a top like this in 5 years time – it’s so timeless.

As for the waistcoat, this is me falling in love with a trend once it was completely over! I love waistcoats (you can see one of my favourites here) – I actually have a little collection of them in my wardrobe, which I haven’t worn in years but can’t bare to part with because I loved them so much back in my uni days. 

Last summer we witnessed the rise, rise and eventual overdose of sleeveless jackets. But I found this mass trend annoying – I didn’t get why everyone kept using waistcoats as jackets, they are not the same thing! A sleeveless jacket is pointless – a waistcoat is decorative and adds a touch of dash. 

What made me fall for the trend? I don’t really know – I did, in a way, understand their appeal. When weary of a trend, it’s best to buy into it cheaply – I bought a cute white one, seen here, from New Look for I think £5! 

But then I spotted this one back in September last year in Topshop’s sale. I found it to be a perfect reinterpretation of the traditional waistcoat. Structured, beautifully tailored and minimal – so right now. It has served me as a perfect little layer of warmth and pizzaz, and precisely because I see it as a waistcoat I won’t be using this cutie during the summer as a sleeveless jacket.

I hadn’t used my coin bag by NW3 for a while and I rediscovered it again recently. It’s strange how when you bring something out of your wardrobe that you hadn’t used for some time it’s almost like wearing something new – I got loads of compliments on it!

I wore this look exactly two weeks ago and I wish I could say my style has embraced Spring since then, but I’m still feeling the cold, peeps! It hasn’t been that a cold April but I think May is going to be my ‘transitional’ month – I’m more than happy to stay in coats for another week!

Photographed by Toynbee Hall, East London, on April 9th, 2016 – pictures taken by Ruth.



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