The Skinny Dip London Haul, Part 2: Always Coca Cola

My dear peeps, I feel like April always ends up being a crazy busy month for me and my blog gets neglected – but as I am going on holiday next week I am determined to get a few #ootd’s on here so that I can start fresh when I come back!

There are a lot of details in this post that I wanted to give a little shout out to, but as I started my mini Skinny Dip London series last month ago I thought I’d focus on that – my ridiculous and wonderful Coca Cola bag…

Back in February Skinny Dip London made all my dreams come true and hosted a sample sale. Did I go insane? Well, not as insane as I could have, as I came home with two bags and purse-clutch specimen. For any normal person one bag would be more than enough – gluttonous me is still dwelling about two bags that I left behind. But not all is terrible as my three purchases are the bees’ knees…

The thing is, I’m not a fan of Coca Cola, I pretty much hate all fizzy drinks. But I can separate taste from aesthetics, and I absolutely love their logo. I think it’s super jazzy and I guess it’s almost got a relatable vibe just because it’s so iconic? My point is, I think it makes for a fab can bag. I love my two other can bags (seen here and here – yes, I now have three can bags) but if you’re going to make a can bag, I’m all for being literal – and that’s what I love about this bag. 

This seemed to be the only Coca Cola bag at the sample sale, and I actually couldn’t believe my luck when I grabbed it. I even started to wonder if it was faulty – but no, it seems to be in perfect condition. Why would no one else want a Coca Cola bag? Is there something wrong with me for genuinely thinking this bag is totes amaze? 

Bag, Skinny Dip London (sample sale find). Coat, Ginger + Soul (bought at Tonic Clothing’s boutique). Hat and boots, Topshop. Jumper, H&M. Skirt, Axara (seen here). Earrings, Parfois. Bracelets, The Peach Box (available here and here).

I had someone say to me that I shouldn’t advertise for such a bad company… Oops. Talk about free advertising.

I don’t think I’ve ever really said this but with crazy bags one does admittedly have to plan an outfit around the bag – on this case it was easy breezy as what’s not to love about red with black and white?

This spring coat was bought months ago but has only just seen the light, as it’s been way too cold for a thin cover up like this one! It’s by the Spanish brand Ginger + Soul, littler sister of Lavand (which I got to work for last year at Pure, as mentioned here). Both Lavand and Ginger are two of the cutest brands I have ever come across, I became a fan last summer and am still obsessed to this day. I love the sixties vibe this coat has – the car fit, the collar, the big buttons… what makes it though is the monochrome shade. 

More hot lips! The lip trend seems to be an on-going one, am I right? It’s definitely one that I’ll never tire of.

I already have the t-shirt version of this beauty (seen here) but when this came out last autumn/winter I just couldn’t resist it, as it’s no fun having to put my lovely tee away during the colder months. 

Like I said, lips are clearly still very much in – Kate Moss on Vogue’s May issue says it all. But as cool as the Rolling Stones’ iconic lips may be, it’s H&M’s biting lips that do it for me.

Even though some of H&M’s stock seems to stick around for months (trust me, I’ve seen things in their shops that I’d possibly spotted six months before), it does look like this jumper has sold out. But the t-shirt version in pink is available! There is also this cutie from my beloved Stradivarius too…

I didn’t get a close up of my hat, which I got on sale in Topshop last month. My fondness for hats just seems to be growing – I think about 90% of the pictures I take these days are with hats. I don’t have a tan hat and I liked the warm caramel shade of this one. I also purposely wore this one because I kinda wanted to offset the black, white and redness of my outfit…

Finally the boots… bought together with my hat last month. I can’t say I needed a new pair of ankle boots – my faithful grey ankle boots are looking a bit worn out, but they still do the job. However, I just couldn’t resist these shiny new things – would you say they too have a sixties touch (I actually love the sixties, I don’t know why I don’t emulate this decade more often)? And even though I’m not usually a fan of square toe shoes, there was just something about these booties that made me not want to take them off. At £35, they were a pretty decent price too.

As you can see I took matching to a new level and let this beautiful monochrome wall in Camden Town fulfil my background necessities. And even though it’s been almost a month since these pictures were taken (oh dear, super soz about the lateness), my layering hasn’t got any lighter as I’m still getting spring chills.

I also realised this post started off as a post about a bag and ended up being about everything else, oops! But it wouldn’t have been fair if I let Coca Cola take all the credit for this look…

Pictures taken on March 26th, 2016 in Camden Town.



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