Chapter 73: The Biba Lips Shirt

It would make sense if, in 2016, after 2014’s and 2015’s consistent lip print overdosing, I had finally reached my limit with lips, right? Wrong. 

By the way, having two consecutive posts with a lip-themed top (previous one here) was not planned – that’s just how bad my obsession with lips is.

Wouldn’t this make an ideal choice for Valentine’s Day? Speaking of V-Day, it was around then (or before) when I laid eyes on this Biba lips shirt in House Of Fraser months ago. I’m not gonna lie, I was originally more keen on the dress version of it – but at £100, it was too much money to part with. I missed out on the dress when it went on sale last month, so yes, this shirt – which went down from £69 to £34.50 – was originally just a way to make up for not getting the dress. But the moment I got it, I was thrilled to have it – it’s much more than a second plate!

Shirt, Biba. Hat, Primark. Skirt, Miss Selfridge. Earrings, Maya Vergel. Ring, gift. Bag, The Cambridge Satchel Company. Shoes, Topshop.

My initial instinct would be to match it with a black skirt – but I don’t think it looked too bad with my Miss Selfridge grey skirt, non? Tying it all in with the hat helps!

I did feel a bit guilty adding yet another lips print shirt to my wardrobe, as I already have not one, but two lippie print shirts (seen here and here). At least it’s black, which sort of makes it the most elegant/work-appropriate of them all.

It is, however, the first piece from Biba that I have ever bought. I remember the hype surrounding  this cute brand when House Of Fraser revived it – I totally fell for that hype! And even though I gradually stopped paying attention to it (it’s quite pricey), there would always be something that would catch my eye when wandering around the department store. Welcome to my wardrobe Biba, finally!

What I did already have something of was Maya Vergel, one of my favourite independent jewellery designers discovered last autumn in Madrid. So when my friend brought me these switch earrings a few weeks ago, I was thrilled to bits. I mean, switch earrings?! It’s so perfectly quirky and elegant.

These are not (I think), “My hair is getting long” pics – it’s a love letter to my new hat, a super spontaneous addition to my accessories collection. I saw it in Primark a few weeks ago and fell in love with it – it’s the same design as this hat, but in such a gorgeous grey shade. I never realised how well grey hats work for brunette girls! Maybe grey is not ideal for spring, but I’ve been wearing it constantly!

More newness! Two months ago it was Skinny Dip London that had a sample sale, and a few weeks ago another favourite bag brand of mine, The Cambridge Satchel Company, followed suit. I am ruined but it was worth it! I took two babies home with me, this being one of them. Yes, I went all girlie and pink bubblegum and it’s paid off – because it makes me happy every time I use it.

Finally the shoes: these were part of my ‘mini’ Topshop haul last month (my hat and shiny boots in my previous post are the rest of the haul). Basic black shoes always come in handy and even though these kinds of straps tend to remind me of witches (yep, actual witches), for some reason I really liked these when I tried them on. Unfortunately they’re really not good quality – I’ve only worn them a few times and they’re already looking raggedy. Sob.

Please excuse the picture overdose, but there so many newbies I wanted to talk about individually!

These pictures were taken less than two weeks ago and it’s slowly but steadily getting warmer and warmer. I’m actually struggling to go into spring mode, which is hilarious considering I’m always longing for it! I’ve got one more outfit to blog about that’s quite wintery, and hopefully I’ll then have a ‘sprung into spring’ look – pun intended.

Photographed near Goodge Street, Central London, on April 8th, 2016 – pictures taken by Ruth.


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