The Skinny Dip London Haul, Part 1: Hot Lips

Two weeks ago my beloved accessories brand, Skinny Dip London, hosted a sample sale at their Covent Garden shop. Yes, I pretty much lost my sh*t and yes, it was amazing. I am actually kicking myself for not having gone a little crazier. But here is one of the beautiful things I treated myself to – a decently sized pouch/clutch/whatever that features so many of my fashion favourites – pink, lips and a ton of cuteness.

Pouch, Skinny Dip London. Cardigan, Zipia (seen here). Top, New Look (oldie!). Skirt, Kling (seen here). Necklace, Maya Vergel (seen here). Earrings and shoes, Topshop (oldies). Hat, from Spitalfields Market (probably first seen here). Ring, from Hong Kong. Coat (seen below), Zara.

It’s always a good sign went you want to wear something new straight away, right? Two days after purchasing this beauty I wore it on a night out, as well as the following day, which is when these pictures were taken.

My boyfriend and I were walking around Camden Town and I fell for this gorgeously ferocious fox, painted by The Horrow Crew – I knew he just had to be in the pictures even if it meant he would briefly steal the spotlight from my funky bag.

Back to the bag, Skinny Dip should really bring this bag out if they haven’t already, don’t you think? I’ve been an ardent follower of the brand for over a year and I’m pretty sure this bag has never been on their website. ASOS shared a picture of it not long after the sample sale, so perhaps it’ll be coming out soon?

My boyfriend had to ask – what is fashion’s (and mine) current obsession with tooth gaps? I blame it on two gorgeous ladies – Lara Stone and Georgia May Jagger.

My monochrome looks rarely stay monochrome – although I was actually working this outfit around my bag! So rather than going all out, I thought a simple black and white look would serve as the perfect backdrop to Hot Lips. I have a feeling I’ve never really showed off this top by New Look on the blog before before, even though I’ve had it for what feels like ages and I absolutely love it! I remembering finding it in the sale (possibly in 2013 or even 2012?), right after the grid print trend reached its peak – I think I felt like I was being a bit of a fashion victim but I genuinely did and still do love a good grid print, as it can so look chic and modern.

Lip syncing… I couldn’t help it! I think my bold and brash and garish Maya Vergel necklace complemented my clutch to a tee.

And why stick to one background when there are so many options?

How can one add just a little bit more colour to the equation? Well, with pink shoes and a mint coat, of course.

For some reason I really loved the entrance of this church spotted in Camden… perhaps it was that blue door that got me?

I’m including a few extra pictures of my little adventure in Camden Town just because… here I am with a lovely piece by Alice Pasquini, whose work is being exhibited at Saatchi Gallery’s “XX” show (as seen here!).

And this beautifully mint arctic fox is by Argentinian artist Marina Zumi, also featured at “XX“, who must have been in London to witness the opening of the exhibition and also make the city just a little more beautiful with her dreamy animals. Doesn’t this not so little thing complement my coat perfectly?

I am also thrilled to announce that this look of mine was featured on The Eden Edition, on a post about colour blocking done right – the lovely Shelby asked me a little about myself and my top tips for colour blocking! It was such an honour to be asked, as even though I love fashion I don’t necessarily consider myself ‘worthy’ of giving advice… that sounds so much worse than I mean it to but hey, there’s no other way to put it! But if there’s one thing I love and hope I’m good at it’s colour blocking, so I gotta send out a big thank you to Shelby for having given me the chance to take part in her post! My dear peeps, why don’t you check out her fab blog and fab Instagram and give her a lovely follow – let’s spread a bit of love and colour blocking.

Photographs taken around Camden Town on February 21st, 2016.


*Update*: After a little search I realised this clutch is available on ASOS! Click here if you’re tempted!”


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