The Beauty Files: Reviewing Revlon’s Super Lustrous Lipstick

I have a confession to make: the past few weeks I have become a tad obsessed with beauty vloggers. I know, I know, I’m super late jumping onto this bandwagon, but what can I say, as I’m a writer and not vlogger it’s all so new to me! I am simply in awe of all the beauty tips, tricks and tutorials that I’ve been discovering lately – beauty is really, really having a moment, isn’t it? Five years ago, fashion ruled the blogsphere – it still does, but whilst beauty has always been there, it now really, really is on the same level as fashion (if not higher?!). Creating a fab lookbook will no longer do – us bloggers & vloggers have to be beauty pros too.

My dear peeps – I am still clueless and terrible when it comes to make-up, but there’s a chance You Tube will change that ever so slightly. My interest in it has definitely gone up – and even though I can’t say I’m daring or have any amazing insights to share with the world, I am a huge lover of lipstick and can totes write up about it!

Lip products is where a lot of my money has been going lately, and I’m actually surprised I don’t have an insane amount of lipstick spread across my bags. That all might be about to change though, as I’m very much in a try and test mood! Out of the all the lippies I have been getting lately, I thought I would start off with a pleasant discovery – Revlon’s Super Lustrous Lipstick, bought on Boots’ website.

Apart from the first picture taken from my Instagram account, I have left these pictures completely untouched as I wanted the lip colour to come through as precisely as possible.

So why Revlon? Well, when I noticed that last month Boots was doing an offer of three lipsticks for just £12 I thought it was too good an offer to miss. And with the promise that these lipsticks would not dry out one’s lips, I decided to go for it.

From left to right: Cherry Blossom, Va Va Violet and Fire & Ice.

That’s been my biggest mistake in the past – I have always had naturally dry lips and at times not given them enough TLC. I love some of Mac’s lipsticks, and that has been my go-to brand many a time for beautiful red hues – but damn, they can be tough on my lips! So, it was time for a change…

Fact – a girl can never have too many red lipsticks. I am yet to find a gorgeous nude lipstick for my weird-ish skin tone (sort of olive, but kind of pale too) and red always does it for me. So when picking out these lippies I tried to keep the reds a little different from what I have and went for Cherry Blossom and Fire & Ice. The dark lipstick in the middle? (more on that later).

First up – Cherry Blossom. I was expecting it to be a deep, blue/purple kind of red, but it actually seems to have a pink undertone…

Ta da! I’m actually pretty proud of my lippy selfie, taken at the beginning of last week when there was (gasp) a pretty patch of sun in London – I cannot live without lip liner but I didn’t wear any so that there would be no interference with the lipstick’s colour.

A ‘normal light’ selfie? As I’m used to really vibrant reds this is actually quite a moderate shade for me, but I absolutely love it – and very importantly, it indeed doesn’t dry out my lips.

 Fire & Ice is a super playful shade of red, very vibrant and even a little coral-ish…

I don’t know if the difference between Cherry Blossom and Fire & Ice can really be appreciated in these pictures, but I guarantee that, as the names pretty much reveal, Cherry is more pink and Fire is more orange.

As for Va Va Violet, this was me trying to be daring and try something new. But my, it’s so purple! This is the risk that lies within online shopping – on Boots’ website the little round swatch that was showcased did not in any way look so purple, I was expecting something almost burgundy… I have to say though, that in terms of comparing the colour of the lipstick with what you actually get on your lips, this lipstick is the most accurate of the three.

Please excuse the kinda blotchy, tired and overall bad-skin-day face – I haven’t dared wearing this colour out so I tried it on make-up free in the comfort of my own home. I layered it on a few times as seriously, I just can’t handle not using a lip liner – and it felt even more necessary with such a dark colour!

I know this shade is relatively on trend, as it’s got a 90’s vibe and dark lips are having a moment – but in all honesty, I do not have the guts to wear this colour. Also, I don’t think it does me any favours! I would literally just wear it on Halloween and fancy dress occasions! But kudos to all those amazing girls who rock purple lips – it takes tons of confidence and bravado to do so, which I’m afraid I don’t have enough of. 

As I hate waste I decided to ‘experiment’ a little. I wasn’t able to get a picture due to crappy lighting but I hope you will trust me on this one – if I mix it ever so slightly with Cherry Blossom I get a nice berry shade that works for me.

So yes, these lippies do exactly what they say on the tin, which is not dry out. Apparently, they consist of a formula that includes Vitamin E and avocado oil – I’m a big lover of avocado so it sounds good to me! The pigmentation isn’t out of this world but one’s gotta compromise somewhere…

Also, if like me you do like/need a little help from lip liner, I must say it does make all the difference with Cherry Blossom and Fire & Ice. You can try Revlon’s ColorStay Lipliner but I’ve been using my faithful Mac pencil liner in Brick, which seems to go with every red lipstick ever made!

My dear peeps, like I said I am very much in a trying mode at the moment, so if you know of any lipsticks that are fab for not drying out lips or simply have any favourites that you swear by, let’s chat and let me know in the comments section!



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