Chapter 72: That Mint Coat

So this coat has briefly been on the blog thanks to my trip to Greece and I wasn’t really planning to give it its own blog post – but then again, why not? Especially when one’s boyfriend is actually in the mood to take pictures (miracle!)…

Coat, Zara. Top, Lefties (seen here). Shorts, Mango (seen here). Waistcoat, Topshop. Bag (seen here) and hat (seen here), Accesorize. Earrings, Parfois. Ring, Ă…land. Shoes, House of Avenues.

A few Sundays ago we went for a walk around Brent’s reservoir, also known as the Welsh Harp, which I had never, ever heard about until a relatively short time ago (despite having lived here for so long, oops). That’s one thing I love about London – it may be a full-on city but it’s also got these little (and not so little) chunks of nature that are perfect to get away from the madness of it all.

However, I can’t say I’ve mastered the art of dressing for the woodlands…

It was a chilly day but my mint coat kept me from freezing to death. It’s fair to say that I am fairly obsessed with it – I shamefully actually copied a friend when getting it! I fell in love with it the minute I saw it on her and because she’s a sweetie she gave me her blessing for me to follow her stylish foot steps. So again, I broke my self-imposed rule of not buying anymore coats until I have a much needed closet & coat clear out (it’s been broken twice another three times this winter).

This is not exactly my first mint coat, as I’ve also got this one from Mother Of Pearl. But the fact that they are completely different in style and pretty much in colour (this one has a bluer base, while the other one is essentially a super light green) is what made me be able to sort of justify getting this piece.

I’ve barely shopped at Zara the past year (and no idea why) but their coats still and probably always will make my heart skip a beat.

Plus it goes so well with my lilac-y hat…

Horses on my head! If there was one thing I was not expecting to see at Brent’s reservoir, it was people riding horses.

Moi in my natural habitat… so bad.

My little Wow bag has been all over my Instagram, I can’t believe it’s not been on the blog properly yet! I got it in November and whilst I usually love to wait for Christmas sales, this bag got the better of me. It did indeed go on sale but I actually wasn’t too upset, as I’d already used it a bunch of times – I’ve realised it’s more annoying if something you’ve bought but haven’t used goes on sale.

I love this bag for two main reasons: firstly, I love the Pop art/kitsch reference/novelty touch. Secondly, I love that it’s a box bag – I went crazy over Louis Vuitton’s box bags after going to their exhibition a few months ago and haven’t managed to find one decent box bag on the high street. I probably could have looked a bit harder, but seriously, box bags are the bees knees’ and I was expecting them to be everywhere. So if any of you lovely peeps spot a cheap and cheerful box bag, let me know!

So there you have it, a close up of my coat and the Brent reservoir! I’ve actually been wearing this coat pretty much non-stop, as here in London it’s so chilly at the moment and it seems to be the warmest bit of outerwear I’ve got. But now that it’s March, I really can’t wait for Spring – and hopefully I’ll get to show you my new trench coat soon!

Photographs taken in Brent Reservoir on February 7th, 2016.



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