The Temple Of Zeus And ASOS Blue Turtleneck

Here are two of my favourite things from Greece: these amazing ruins with the Acropolis in the distance and my new favourite top from ASOS.

Turtleneck jumper, ASOS (available here). Skirt, Topshop. Bag, The Cambridge Satchel Company. Earrings, Lorelai Halls. Bracelets, The Peach Box. Ring, gift. Shoes, Clarks.

What do you call it – roll neck, polo neck, or turtleneck? My favourite is the latter, although as a kid I always referred to them as polo necks. Speaking of my kid-hood, I was actually put off by turtlenecks for a long time because they reminded me of my super unfashionable days as a school girl (back then it was ok for little kids not to be fashionable). 

I had to move to a cold country to realise that turtlenecks should not be completely shunned – little by little they were reincorporated into my wardrobe, and a few seasons ago they became a thing! Not that I needed any further convincing that roll necks/polo necks/turtlenecks can look great.

Tiny turtlenecks are super chic and a great option if yore not 100% convinced on going full-on. When I saw this beauty on ASOS I fell in love straight away, as cobalt blue makes my heart beat so fast. However my size in this colour wasn’t available at the time so I went for pink instead, as seen here. I loved my pink one so much that I kept looking out for the blue one to come back in stock, which eventually it did last month.

And yes! Nude tights! I took a pair with me to Greece just in case and was thrilled I got to wear them – only once, because they teared that same day.

Like I said, this is my favourite outfit from Greece – I love cobalt blue matched with a shot of fluorescent pink, plus there were no black tights in sight to ruin the look.

As for the ruins in background, it’s the beautiful temple of Olympian Zeus – ok, what’s left of it, but personally I still find it impressive. There’s just something so beautiful and imposing about those few Corinthian columns – and Zeus, the King of all the Olympian Gods, was the most fascinating God of all.

After visiting the Temple of Olympian Zeus we saw a newer, but also stunning building, the Zappeion, a conference and exhibition centre.

Yes, this building fuelled my infatuation with Greek columns – it’s no surprise people choose to get married here, it makes for a beautiful background!

History, beautiful architecture, lovely weather that feels like spring and a simple outfit that ticks all the right boxes – these are the things that made this day a pretty perfect one.

Photographed on January 30th, 2016 in Athens, Greece.



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