Stripes By The Sea

Top, MKT Studio. Skirt, Topshop (seen here). Bag, The Cambridge Satchel Company (different colour available here). Earrings (seen below), Topshop. Necklace (seen below) and bracelet, Accessorize. Other bracelet, The Peach Box. Ring, from Hong Kong. Shoes (seen below), Clarks. 

Stripes + sea = perfect sense, right? Speaking of which, I have included one picture of myself and the sea to show come consistency with the post’s title…

I wore this outfit about four weeks ago (time flies!) when visiting Greece, specifically the island of Crete for just a few hours – this was my main contact with the sea. I’m not sure if I went through a very deep thought process when picking this outfit (as in “I’m seeing the sea so I’ll honour coco chanel and wear my breton top!“) but thankfully I was able to give this post a mildly attractive title as I chose my new MKT Studio breton top, which I’m quietly obsessed about.

And because sometimes I just can’t help myself, I added a bit of (I’ll admit) unnecessary bling because why not. I absolutely love this Accessorize necklace – I bought it on sale in December when visiting Scotland and pretty much wore it on straight away. That’s always a good sign, right? I’m assuming the statement necklace trend is either on its way out or has been out for a few seasons now, but it’s no longer a trend for me – it’s a timeless style tip that (almost) always works.

Back to the top, I don’t quite so know why I love it so much, but I do. Is it the towel-like fabric? The iconic Saint-Germain des PrĂ©s reference? The somehow super prettily threaded blue stripes? Whatever it is, I really do love wearing this top.

I had never heard of the brand MKT Studio before discovering it at my current workplace. I think it’s a very new, niche but super chic French brand – they don’t even have an online shop but you can always check their stockists here if you’re curious (a few of their pieces are available at Anthropologie). I bought this top a few months ago at a sample sale at my workplace, but as it’s part of their spring/summer’16 collection it’s either available now or will be super soon!

Back to jewellery, I also got these Topshop earrings in Scotland (I swear I didn’t just go shopping!). I love the crystal effect and how they surprisingly stand out within my hide-everything hair, even though they’re not that big.

Finally this bright little thing, a caprice I treated myself to literally days before going to Greece – because a girl can never have too many Cambridge Satchel Company bags (you can see my other two here and here). But indeed, this is no satchel – I love how the satchel brand is expanding its horizons and becoming an all-round leather handbags company. This bag is tiny but it does feel beautifully made – and I love the unapologetic shot of fluorescent pink.

Lately I have ever so slightly embraced the whole wearing a top over bottoms look – but I’ll always be more of a showing off the waist kind of of girl!

Ugh, I can’t wait to not have to wear black tights anymore – I would love this outfit 100 times more if my legs were on show, even if this skirt is so mini (I think it shrunk!).

As for the jazzy background, it was simply a cover used over some closed/soon-to-open store in Chania – it proved to be surprisingly effective in pictures.

Due to technical issues all of these pictures (apart from my Instagram ones) are completely au naturel, so excuse the lack of ‘glamour’, so to say.

Isn’t the old port of Chania beautiful? I’m re-showing this last picture because not just to reinforce the nautical stripes theme but also because it’s one of my favourites from my trip.

Photographed in Chania, Crete, Greece on January 29th, 2016.



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