The Silvian Heach Striped Dress

Dress, Silvian Heach. Hat, Primark. Necklace, Urban Outfitters. Earrings and bag, Accessorize. Shoes, Clarks. 

Is it just me or is there something very summery about white stripes and navy?

Buying something that I won’t be using for months has become a bad habit/curse that I need to stop. But what can I say, I love a good bargain when I see one – and that’s exactly what this dress was.

I love the girlishness of Italian brand Silvian Heach (this is my Silvian Heach dress N°4) – sometimes it really does feel like their pieces were made for me. I love jersey, skater dresses and am no longer a stranger to horizontal stripes – so when I spotted this dress at my workplace’s sample sale three months ago, I just couldn’t resist.

It’s got sailor/nautical but nice vibe too, don’t you think? There isn’t a lot of navy in my wardrobe for two reasons – I find it difficult to match and it’s just never really caused much of an impression on me. However, as I’ve got older (cringe!) I’ve come to appreciate its innate elegance and simplicity, and absolutely love wearing it with red.

It’s no secret that I love the easiness of dresses, and this dress is a dream. I was a little sad when I got it just because I really, really wanted to wear it straight away but it was just the beginning of black tights and knitwear time in London – sob! So when I realised that I could probably take it with me to Malaga for Christmas and pretend that it was summer, I was delighted. I’m not going to lie though, I did feel ever so slightly chilly when taking these pictures.

Here’s a close-up of my Accessorize ‘futuristic’ earrings, just seen in my previous post. Even when it’s dusk they manage to make a quiet statement.

Another relatively recent addition to my jewellery box (I got it in November), I liked the uniqueness of this necklace from Urban Outfitters. It’s a little different to what I normally go for, not just in jewellery but as an overall style, but I just love gold chains and little charms (the wishbone being my favourite).

My mother took these pictures of me just as the sun was going down – I have to admit I was surprised but absolutely taken with the unique light effect! If you want to see how my dress looks when it’s actual daylight, you can have a look at this pic.

I almost forgot to mention that this Silvian Heach dress should be available soon, since as far as I’m aware it’s a Spring/Summer ’16 sample. I know, I know, my pieces are always either out of stock or not available yet – shameful! I will try to be more up to date with my new pieces this year…

Sadly, it’s time to say “Hasta luego” to my dress for now – I cannot wait until we meet again.

Pictures taken by my mum on December 24th, 2015 in Estepona, Malaga, Spain.



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