The Malaga Edit

Happy New Year guys! I thought I’d do a little chronological jump and share a few #ootd’s, as lately there haven’t been too many of those on the blog! I overpacked for my Christmas trip to Malaga knowing not only that the weather would be significantly better than in London but also that my poor mum would be happy(?) to be my holiday photographer. Not to mention Estepona’s (a town just outside of Malaga) intoxicating Southern spirit. 

Saturday (December 19th): Jacket, eBay (new – available here!) / Blend jumper (new!) / Silvian Heach skirt / Longchamp bag and Ralph Lauren scarf / The Peach Box bracelet / Clarks shoes

Sunday (December 20th): Charlise top (gift, available here) / Silvian Heach skirt / Swarovski earrings / Clutch, from Woman magazine / Clarks shoes

Monday (December 21st): ASOS turtleneck (New! Available here) / Charming Charlie necklace (gift) / Mango shorts (Gift from my mum! Available here) and bracelet / Accessorize bag (New! Available here) / Ă…land ring / Clarks shoes

Tuesday (December 22nd): Mother Of Pearl coat / H&M jumper (new) / Kling skirt (new) / Gogo Philip earrings / Longchamp bag / Clarks shoes

Wednesday (December 23rd): Uni Qlo sweater (bought about three months ago, no longer available) / Silvian Heach skirt / Scarf, gift from my mum / Accessorize bag and earrings (new, available here) / Clarks shoes 

Thursday (December 24th): Silvian Heach dress (new) / Accessorize bag / Clarks shoes

Friday (December 25th): Silvian Heach dress (seen here) / Joyas De Papel necklace (Christmas gift!) / Clutch, from Woman magazine / Clarks shoes

Saturday (December 26th): Primark hat and cardigan / Hobbs shirt (gift, available here) / Kling skirt / Clarks shoes

These pictures have made me realise that I should really be doing more regular outfit posts, as I haven’t got around to sharing my naughty buys. The blue jacket in the first picture was something I spotted on eBay for a ridiculously cheap price – I didn’t think I’d be using it before the summer but bringing it to Malaga was a brainwave. The same goes for my pretty Silvian Heach stripe dress – I bought it about two months ago at my workplace’s sample sale and am thrilled I got to use it in December.

Most of these pictures were taken around the beautiful streets and beach of Estepona. What can I say, I find small white houses inundated with flowerpots and tiles absolutely magical. On the 22nd of December my family and I visited the charming Gibraltar for a day (If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen me playing around with The Rock’s adorable monkeys), which felt a bit chillier than all the other days.

It was a lovely break from London – it felt almost like I was travelling into another season. I was sad to leave and cannot wait to go back, as well as for summer to come back!



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