Jewellery Box : The Alex Monroe Mini Haul

January is a month for saving, right? Well not when one hears about an Alex Monroe sample sale, I’m afraid! I couldn’t resist when I heard that the Hoxton Hotel (not in Hoxton, but Holborn actually) was indeed hosting a sample sale of one the prettiest jewellery brands out there. When did this happen? Yesterday, so I’m pretty pleased with myself for talking about this just one day later – a record for me!

Now I say it’s a mini haul because I only got two things – unfortunately the samples weren’t as cheap as the email I received implied (I probably missed two key sale words: up to 70% off) so there was no chance of me going bananas. But naturally I am thrilled with my little purchases…

I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re not familiar with the name Alex Monroe, as it’s not quite a household name just yet. Well, it was founded by, surprise, a British jeweller named Alex Monroe, who’s been designing pretty pieces for over two decades. His main inspiration is nature and all its fascinating creatures, hence why this bee necklace is his most famous piece and has become synonymous with the brand. 

You know when you see more than more person wearing a particular thing, and all of a sudden it seems like everyone has it? That usually makes me not like the thing – but for some reason that did not happen with Monroe’s signature bee necklace. I remember back when I was working as a shop girl for Hobbs’ brand NW3 I would come across all these cute customers wearing eye-catching bee necklaces. I found these bees adorable, and I can’t remember how I found out which brand they were from – but I so wanted to be part of the bee necklace crowd!

So my mission on this sample sale was to find myself a bee. It was a bit of a nightmare – I couldn’t face being there for 10am so I thought 10:45 would be a reasonable time. Well, sample sales and reasonable don’t go well together. There was a crazy long queue (there are clearly a lot of Alex Monroe fans out there) and I didn’t get in until about 12, or just a little before 12. Yep, I stood out in the cold for over an hour and felt like an idiot, thinking “Why…” 

Inside was pretty chaotic too, as there were SO. MANY. PEOPLE. Then again, everyone was very polite (apart from one of the security guards, who was unnecessarily rude to me by striking my arm down when I thought it was my turn to go in and I was getting the £1 out to donate to Macmillan Cancer). I was out in 20 minutes or less, as I found my bee! 

I never knew how happy a bee necklace could make me – it’s just so adorable! I love the detailing (it’s even got six little legs and antennae) and how it makes a perfect statement. And even though I have no interest in logos I think the little logo on the circle looks quite pretty, for some reason. Guys I’m not gonna lie – I’m buzzing. Pun intended!

So as well as the bumble bee necklace, I also got myself these pretty hoop earrings. I love a good hoop earring and this pair looked really well made, so I decided to go for them. 

Gold hoops are an investment in my books, as they can be worn with any kind of jewellery and with any kind of outfit. The gold hoops I’d had for quite a few years sadly broke at the end of last year, so these hoops are a fancy replacement.

I love how girlie these hoops are, thanks to those pretty silver (or white gold? I’ll keep dreaming) flowers. I’ve not always taken notice of gold and silver designed together but on this occasion I think they work pretty well together.

And because I only got these two pieces yesterday I’m afraid I haven’t got around to including them in a fancy #ootd – but this is me this morning wearing them with my good old faithful Dorothy Perkins jumper! Doesn’t the necklace just add the perfect little touch of charm? I’m smiling like a goof ’cause bumble bees necklaces are… the bees’ knees.

Please excuse the sleepy Sunday no make-up look – I just wanted to showcase my newbies on moi other than on their pretty box. I sadly don’t know when Monroe’s next sample sale will be, so if any of you have a Birthday coming up, are still owed a Christmas present or simply feel like spoiling yourselves, similar versions of my hoop earrings are available here and the exact same necklace I own is here. There is also an ‘archive sale‘ on Monroe’s website, which probably has the exact same prices as the sample sale. So you haven’t missed out – happy shopping!

Photographs taken today at home.



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