Hobbs Spring Summer ’16: A Look At What’s To Come

Who else is looking forward to spring – or better yet, summer? It may be cold outside but if there’s one thing that will keep me going it’s the thought of flowers blooming, temperatures rising and sleeves getting shorter. And, of course, there’s the fashion – lighter shades and fabrics and all-round fresh and lightweight feeling. 

About two months ago I was lucky enough to get a preview of British brand Hobbs’ spring/summer ’16 collection – what seemed so far away at the time is now thankfully around the corner. I worked at Hobbs for a long time and it’s a brand that I’ll always have an attachment to. I knew very little about this company before joining it but did feel like somewhat of an expert when leaving – if there one thing Hobbs excelled at, it was making its employees get to know the brand inside out.

It was interesting to see Hobbs with a fresh pair of eyes, even though I wouldn’t say my opinion about them has changed drastically. As for their SS’16 collection, it was very easy on the eye…

Firstly, how beautiful is that image and dress? Hobbs is by definition a very traditional women’s brand – but it’s always fascinating to see its more fashion-forward designs.

I loved the idea of using bags instead of vases… it makes me think of walking around in the spring with a beautiful sturdy bag filled with a bouquet from Columbia Road Flower Market. 

My phone was weirdly tripping’ that evening and I didn’t manage to capture a good image of this gorgeous leather tote bag. Nevertheless, it’s gone straight to my wish list.

Prints have always been a huge part of Hobbs’ ethos, and this coming season is looking very graphic with its stunning burst of primary colours.

Monochrome, one of my all-time favourite colour combos, is playing a big role at Hobbs this coming spring and summer. Which makes sense, as there’s nothing as elegant as a black and white look and Hobbs is synonymous with elegance.

If there’s one thing I’ve always loved about Hobbs it’s its love for a capsule wardrobe. I got my obsession with matching at Hobbs (Nope, not ashamed of that in the slightest) and I love the fact that, if a woman really believes in matching, she can find everything she needs with this brand.

Isn’t that black and white floral coat an absolute stunner? The wish list keeps getting longer…

I almost shrieked when I saw this rail full of sugar sweet tones – nothing screams chic like pretty pastels and clean cuts, which Hobbs has always excelled at.

Hobbs’ shoes are a dream – there’s no other way to put it. They are known for their pretty heels but I have always had a soft spot for their brogues. 

So there you have it – monochrome, electric blue and pretty pastels are some of the things you will find at Hobbs in a few weeks and months time. I think some of these stunning pieces prove that Hobbs is much more than a brand for older women. It’s a name with a strong identity and history, and yet has managed to find a balance between satisfying its faithful customers and pushing its boundaries to become a fashion-forward brand. 

Do you also find any of these pieces irresistible? Which trends are you looking forward to this Spring? I’d love to hear your thoughts – not that my wish list isn’t already long enough…

Photographs taken by me on November 12th, 2015 at Modus Publicity, London.


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