Chapter 71: The Barbara Rihl for Uni Qlo Sweater

It’s been a while since I’ve been wanting to write up this post, as from the moment I got this sweater I’ve been desperate to show just how photogenic it is…

Sweater, Uni Qlo x Barbara Rihl. Skirt, Silvian Heach. Earrings and bag, Accessorize. Necklace, Lucky Dip Club. Ring and scarf (seen below), gifts/hand-me-downs. Shoes, Clarks.

I finally got a chance to do so when bringing it with me to Malaga for Christmas (what are mums for, eh?)…

I can’t remember how exactly I came across it, but I never actually saw it in the flesh. I do shop online but I still very much prefer to feel and try something on before dishing out my money – however, this sweater was one of those pieces that look so fab on screen they prove to be irresistible.

I ordered a small but I probably could have got away with an extra small – that’s one of the drawbacks of online shopping! But I love it anyway, its oversize feel makes it one of my comfort sweaters. I also love all the motifs on it – the Breton feel thanks to those marine blue stripes, Paris, the amazing lipstick (which totally ties in with my lip fetish) and the gorgeous bag on the back, this detail probably being my favourite as it’s so original.

It doesn’t seem like this Uni Qlo collaboration was that publicised, I can’t find very much about it online. Barbara Rihl is a Paris-based designer and illustrator who stamps her playful and beautiful illustrations on super cute bags, scarfs, purses and makeup bags. Her concise collection for Uni Qlo consisted of six sweatshirts that came out all the way back in August last year – aren’t they adorable? They remind me of Sonia Rykiel’s ethos. Sadly they are no longer available on Uni Qlo’s website, but my question is – surely Rihl must feel like she can now easily venture into creating a clothing line within her own brand?

After months of burning curiosity, I finally jumped on the Lucky Dip Club band wagon. In case any of you lovely fashionistas don’t know what I’m talking about (I didn’t know a year ago), it’s a lovely subscription box company that sends its lucky subscribers a box full of exclusive and gorgeous goodies made by independent designers and artists every month. I gave it a go and signed up for December’s box, themed “Cats and Cocktails” – which is perfect for me because I’m obsessed with cats and cocktails are my favourite alcoholic drink! What I love about Lucky Dip Club is the excitement of the boxes becoming available on the first day of every month at 9am, and having to grab one before they all go! I’m gutted I missed January’s box, Donut Dinerette, as doughnuts are also one of the best things in life!

I gotta say: my Soda Pop bags surprisingly fits a lot of things!

I’ve been wearing this sweater mostly with my navy Charlise trousers, as I don’t really like pairing it with black in any form. Should I wear it with this skirt again back here in London, I think I would go all out and throw my burgundy tights into the mix.

My earrings are new too – like I mentioned in one of my other recent posts, I totally became a jewellery magpie at the end of 2015! I’m surprised at how well these half-sphere earrings stand out in pictures, they’re not even that big… I remember noticing them online and I loved how Accessorize referred to them as ‘futuristic earrings’. They went on sale just days after I bought them (damn) and even though they are not available online, I’m sure there are some left in a few shops here and there.

Goodbye brick red background! My mum took this picture on her own camera (it’s similar to the one I shared on my Instagram) and I thought it was worth a share. The ‘blueness’ of the picture wasn’t planned, as having my picture taken on this decorative boat has become a tradition when visiting Malaga, but it’s a colour combo that makes for a good photo op, no? Talk about playing up the Breton theme…

Pictures taken by my mum on December 23rd, 2015 in Estepona, Malaga, Spain.



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