Blue Coat, Silver Shoes, Pink Bag


Finally, a January outfit – wintery and all!

Coat, French Connection (bought in Brick Lane market). Hat and necklace, Accessorize. T-shirt, Valfré. Skirt, Kling. Shoes, EEight. Bag, Skinny Dip London. Ring, Åland.

I am also proud to say that it’s a recent one too, worn just three days ago when visiting Somerset House’s Big Bang Data exhibition. And none of these items have really been on the blog before!

Have a quick scroll through my Instagram and you will see how this coat has become a huge part of my life ever since I purchased it about two months ago. For the past few years I have been swearing to myself that I will not buy any more coats when the chillier months approach – but this oath is yet to remain unbroken. I truly have a weakness for coats – especially when they come in such beautiful and cheerful shades.

I love how this coat is so long and a little too big for me, it somehow makes me feel very protected. I spotted it at Brick Lane market in November and couldn’t resist trying it on. Big mistake, since I didn’t want to take it off. French Connection is what’s on the label, and I do hope it made a reasonably honest transition to Brick Lane… in any case, I gave it a new home after paying just £40 for it (which in an FCUK store could easily have cost £200).

The past few days in London haven’t actually been that cold – I even dared to throw on a t-shirt on Saturday! This is by the amazing Valfré, bought over the summer and sadly, barely worn. Can you guess what the bottom of the tee says?

I’m so annoyed I can’t remember who this brooch is by, but I spotted it in Edinburgh’s gallery. I love everything about it – the heart shape, the sweet boat illustration… sugary, I know, but I do love my sugar.

Another can bag? I know, I’m so bad, but I couldn’t resist!

I love the ‘accuracy’ in the details… I wasn’t sure what to think when Skinny Dip London brought out this bag, but I decided to order it and see what it was like in the flesh. The ridiculous pinkness and glitter totally convinced me, and it fits a pretty decent amount of things, as seen in this Instagram picture I took

I forgot to get a clearer picture of my silver shoes, but you can have a look here and here if you’re curious… they’re from newcomer east London brand EEight, a brand I discovered only last month. I went to their sample sale because their shoes looked pretty jazzy online, and fell in love with this super shiny pair. I actually bought very few shoes in 2015, and these ones in particular have been an amazing addition to my wardrobe and style.

I’ve been a little too naughty this month due to the remains of the sales, this hat being one of those amazing sale finds…

I love a good Fedora hat and I’m assuming that a lightly coloured hat works rather well with my dark hair. I can’t quite work out what colour this hat is, I think it’s between lilac and dusty pink – but I think it’ll make a nice colour contrast not just with my hair but also with pastels like mint and baby blue, my favourites!

So yes, lots of newbies that deserved a spot on the blog! This is going to be my only #ootd in London this month, as tomorrow I’m off somewhere and will be back with a few pictures from there hopefully… stay tuned!

Photographs taken on January 23rd, 2016 at Somerset House, London.



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