2015: A Brief Recap Through The Eyes Of Instagram

My love for Instagram may have no boundaries but it’s not very often I’ll fully and/or consciously embrace Insta trends – not for any reason in particular other than a lack of interest in what’s trending. However, I do love a good collage – so when a few days ago I started seeing other Instagrammers’ cute picture roundups showcasing their most popular pictures from 2015, curiosity got the better of me. So I jumped on the bandwagon and asked my social media savvy friend how people were getting these pretty collages made. I then discovered 2015BestNine and wasn’t really surprised by the results, as my Insta memory remembered how some of these posts seemed to very liked by the Insta community. I also felt it would serve as a mini guide to do a little fashion & lifestyle recap of my likes and loves from 2015…

1. Cupcakes: My love for cupcakes has never been highly present on the blog, but it is still going strong, and very much a part of my life. This little beauty was from Crumbs & Doilies, a yummy 2015 discovery. Maybe cupcakes should get their own section on my blog this year?

2. Trainers: I never, ever thought I would wear trainers again other than for physical activities (a 2016 resolution I tell you). But then Oasis killed it with a pretty cool collection with Keds and I fell in love with these floral babies. Then again, I don’t kid myself – they may have been classified as trainers but I see them for what they really are, skater shoes. I’m still pretty impressed with myself for buying shoes that are supposedly trainers, though…

3. Street Art: Little by little, the beautiful art of London’s streets stole my heart and became one of my official passions in 2015. I love spotting work by this artist (as seen on my street art post here), Trust Icon, who puts a whole new spin on Disney’s fantasies.

4. & 7. #Shoefie’s & Friends: #Ihavethisthingwithflowersandshoes might be a very long hashtag for it to truly catch on – but taking pictures of my shoes with beautifully arranged bouquets by florists became one of my favourite things to do last year. The best bit about it? You can do it with friends – this picture was taken together with one of my dearest friends, who left London this year. I miss her to bits but silly moments like these make our memories all the prettier.

5. & 9. Country Living: I didn’t do that much travelling in 2015, but at least I got to discover a new and beautiful part of England. This idyllic photo session, taken up north in Chester, is one of my favourite shoots from last year – and as much of a city girl I may be, I do love a bit of fresh air and frolicking-friendly fields.

6. Novelty & Sizeably Challenged Bags: This is an obsession that blew up in 2014 and successfully continued throughout 2015, with my amazing Accessorize camera bag being one of the first things I purchased last year.

8. Home Sweet Home: Like I said, my travelling was not as ‘wow’ as in 2014, and it mostly involved going back to my hometown in Spain, Bilbao. But being away from home for so many years has really made me appreciate it – I even love my city’s signature floor tiles.

So there you have it, a strangely accurate visual account of some of the things I did and loved in 2015… Images really do speak louder than words sometimes. I wonder what my best nine from 2016 will be? I can’t wait to see – I look forward to making great memories.

Happy 2016!



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