Throwback: Pretty in Pink

Happy December peeps! It’s probably my least favourite month of the year as I have very little interest in Christmas, but as I’ll be spending it in the south of Spain (like I did last year) for once I am actually looking forward to the big day.

Back to clothes, I wore this outfit approximately one month and one day ago, so even though it’s technically within the two month mark it’s really only four weeks ago – so I’m not that delayed?! Now I know the nude tights, lack of outerwear and general pinkiness of the pictures might have you believe otherwise, but the truth is that yes, I did willingly wear a super summery outfit at the end of October – and did not catch my death!

Dress, ASOS (only size 16 available). Hat and belt, Primark. Necklace, H&M. Ring, from Hong Kong. Clutch, Monki. Watch, Michael Kors. Shoes, Bershka.

While dress hunting for my friend’s wedding, I not only cheekily treated myself to Louche’s baby blue dress, but almost had a heart attack when seeing this baby on ASOS. My size was sadly sold out but there was a navy version, which made it as a candidate for my friend’s big day. In all honesty, the navy one lacked charm – my Oasis dress ‘won’ and this one would return to ASOS, as there was no point in keeping a mere excuse of the dress that I had truly fallen in love with. Miraculously, a size 10 of the pink version became available just as I sent back the navy one – peeps, I feel like it’s been a long time since I said it was meant to be.

Firstly, what really gets me about this dress is the beautiful design on the shoulders, it is such a pretty detail. The overall drape effect of the dress is nice too – my friend said it’s a little like the ones you see on Classical Greek sculptures. And that shade of blush pink… it’s really interesting how with this dress the colour makes all the difference. Some dresses are amazing regardless of the shade and will work in any given tone. But in my opinion this one, even though the design is flawless, just loses something in navy. Maybe it’s because the shoulder detailing isn’t so visible, or maybe it’s because the design is so, so feminine it really does just wors better with a lighter shade. Or maybe I’m just talking gibberish, as we all know too well how partial I am to pink.

FYI: this was my Birthday outfit! In the past, I have totally used my Birthday as an excuse to treat myself to a new dress, which happened again this year. I totally took a ‘It’s my Birthday and I’ll cry if I want to’ attitude – well, not quite, as I didn’t cry, so it was more of ‘I’ll wear what I want‘ feeling. And because one of the things I love the most are pastels, I thought I’d go pastel crazy and sort of pretend it was summer (I’m not insane enough to go coatless though, I wore my Mother Of Pearl mint coat). I also finally wore my Monki watermelon clutch, bought in the summer and unfairly hibernating all that time…

Whilst I absolutely love being a Halloween baby (it’s so… spooky?), a part of me believes I should have been born in the late spring, as it’s my favourite season of the year and I would love to have a hot Birthday. I guess I could always move to Australia…

I was lucky though, the sun was out and it was actually a lovely day!

So there you have it, my 2015 Birthday look. Lots of pink and pastels – I wonder what I’ll be in the mood for next year…

Photographed on October 31st, 2015 in Old Street – pictures by Merissa.



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