Throwback: The Maya Vergel Lips Necklace

I’ve decided to include the word ‘Throwback’ in the titles of posts that are from a while back, as I’m going to be ‘delayed’ for a while! Here is my last outfit from when I went to Madrid all the way back in September – unfortunately I felt really ill that day and didn’t have the energy to make much of an effort with how I looked. But thankfully, there was one piece I wore that made me feel 100 times better – my Maya Vergel lips necklace.

Before I get onto the necklace, which is all I really want to talk about, I also have to express my admiration for ABC’s Museo de Ilustración y Diseño‘s amazing floors – hence why we just had to take a lot pictures of me sitting down.

And the lip matching happened again!

When my friend and I came across a pop-up jewellery shop in Madrid’s neighbourhood La Latina – specifically in La Cebada, where they have different pop-ups on a regular basis – we pretty much screamed. The window display was like a jewellery candy shop, full of breathtaking pieces at super affordable prices. I naturally wanted it all, but settled for this super naughty piece entitled “Sex.”

It’s so bold and brash but I absolutely love its naughtiness. We were lucky enough to meet the designer herself, Maya Vergel. I love meeting people who, like me, have studied art degrees – but unlike me Maya has a fab career in art! After an undergraduate degree in Fine Arts she did an MA in Ceramics, which has lead her to creating these beautiful pieces of jewellery. She was truly lovely and there’s a side of me that regrets not having treated myself to more of her pieces. It is amazing to own a piece of handmade jewellery – it is also nice not to feel like you have been ripped off too! The word ‘handmade’ does get tossed around way too much in fashion and brands take advantage of this with astronomical price tags. It’s, at times, a truly dishonest marketing gimmick – so I admire people like Maya Vergel, who do at least 95% (if not all) of their product but make it affordable too. Rant/display of opinion over!

I wore the necklace straight after buying it – that’s how excited I was about it.

The ‘I can’t be bothered with life’ trousers belong to my mum – I don’t know why but I actually really like them! 

Necklace, Maya Vergel. Vest, Topshop. Earrings, Gogo Philip. Trousers, borrowed from my mum! Bracelet and ring, gift. Clutch, Skinny Dip London. Shoes, Melissa for Vivienne Westwood.

So there you have it, my last outfit from Madrid – all about the necklace, nothing about the clothes! I really hope Maya’s jewellery becomes available online at some point, as I need more of her awesome pieces in my life. If bright red lips with a suggestive tongue are too much for you, fear not – she offers so much more. You can follow her on Instagram and check her FB page for regular updates – and no, this wasn’t a sponsored post, I genuinely adore her work and want to spread the love!


Photographed on September 13th at ABC’s Museo de Ilustración y Diseño, Madrid – pictures by Ruth.


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