Fly Me To The Moon

Rocket bag, Skinny Dip London.

One can imagine my surprise when getting an unexpected package from one of my favourite brands, Skinny Dip London, opening it and finding a big fat rocket. For one split second I thought Skinny Dip had totally sent this to me by accident, only to realise a few seconds later that it was a Birthday gift from my friend – and that I would get into trouble for having opened it before my actual Birthday.

Top, Lefties. Skirt, Reiss. Earrings, Gogo Philip. Bracelet, gift. Ring, from Hong Kong. Watch, Michael Kors. Shoes, House Of Avenues.

I can’t say I regret opening it before my Birthday though, because these pictures would not have happened otherwise. I knew straight away I needed this background for my rocket bag, it couldn’t have been done any other way.

But what can I say about the bag, which isn’t said in the pics? I love the colours, the shape, the madness of it all. I thank my friend for being one of the few people to embrace my ridiculous style and even getting me to push my own boundaries with such a crazy design, and for Skinny Dip for doing its own take on a rocket bag (Perhaps inspired by Gelareh Mizrahi’s 3D version? I much prefer to keep things 2D).

I wasn’t sure what to wear it with at first – let’s face it, a bag like this really should do all the talking. But inspiration struck and I dug out my faithful Reiss skirt and Lefties jumper for some good old colour blocking (and colour coordinating with the bag) action. I this jumper has only ever been on the blog on my Monday to Friday/Monthly Edits, but I love it to bits. I got it either two or three winters ago in Spain and have not tired of it in the slightest – how I wish a Lefties store would open here in London.

How perfect is this artwork by The Rolling People for my little rocket bag?

One amazing thing about this bag is that is has lights that go on and off. Yes, lights. How cute is that? Sadly I didn’t manage to get a video of it, but keep an eye out on my Instagram in case I ever do because that’s the first place I’ll show it off. Speaking of Instagram, can I have a moment to toot my own horn? I was delighted when Skinny Dip regrammed my rocket bag

These pictures were taken exactly one month ago – I really did want to wear this bag on my Birthday but it just didn’t match my dress (which I’ll be sharing soon). Still, I think a pre-birthday outfit is just as good, no?

Photographed in Hoxton on October 30th, 2015 – pictures taken by Merissa.



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