A Bundle Of Giggles

Guys, how many of you were fans of the Mr. Men and Little Miss books as kids? I absolutely adored them, and was a big fan, in particular, of Little Miss Naughty. Not for any profound reason really, I just loved purple at the time – I even remember a terrible attempt of dressing up as her for a school event (what would nowadays be referred to as an #epicfail).

So when ASOS played up the nostalgia game and brought out this ridiculous clutch, there was no way I could resist. But it’s not Little Miss Naughty, you say! That’s not an issue – my love for purple somehow turned into disdain and I do love a redhead.

The only thing is is that I really do feel like this is a summer bag. I don’t exactly know when ASOS brought it out but I’m fairly sure it wasn’t at the start of spring or summer, as I only bought it in September. And as much as I love to believe that so many things in one’s wardrobe should be worn all year around (especially bright colours, we need them in winter!), I can’t help but think that this beautiful turquoise shade suits summer attire and a blazing sun in the background. 

But there was no way I was going to wait till the summer to wear it, so out it came with me for a cultural afternoon in Canary Wharf last month…

Isn’t this piano ridiculously beautiful? It doesn’t matter that I couldn’t play it, it still makes for a great picture…

Clutch, ASOS. Hat, Primark. Jacket (first seen all the way back here!) and shoes, Zara. Shirt, New Look. Trousers, Charlise.

Is that trousers you see? Yes, unlike 2014 this year has not been a great year for the trousers in my wardrobe, as I’ve ignored many of them! Even though there have been a few newbies, like these navy trousers from a French brand called Charlise (one of the brands available at where I work now). Gees, there really is something about navy trousers that makes them a versatile piece! 

And I know it can’t really be appreciated in these pictures but I bought a cute little New Look sleeveless coral shirt in their sale. Sleeveless shirts are also incredibly versatile – lovely for summer, but sweet when worn under a round neck jumper or sweater in winter (still digging that look). Yes, I’m all about practicality these days (as well as crazy bags)…

Hat and necklace, Primark. T-shirt, Être Cécile. Skirt, Axara. Ring, from Hong Kong. Watch, Michael Kors. Boots, NW3.

I’m adoing a mesh up here and sharing another outfit I wore two days after Canary Wharf for a walk around Hammersmith, as at that time it was still all about my bag…

Ah, the fail-safe combo that is a t-shirt and bodycon skirt… I got this tee after having a dangerous browse on The Outnet. I barely knew about the brand Être Cécile, but was completely charmed by this t-shirt. Not so much because of what it says, as it’s not thankfully representative of my situation (although I like how it’s not too sugary) but more because of the crayon/lipstick writing effect…

The little necklace is by the sometimes reliable Primark… I just loved its simple yet sort of intricate design.

Can you believe this was what the weather was like in London over a month ago? Not that I walked around in my t-shirt all day…

If someone in the nineties had told me that I would be taking life lessons from Little Miss Giggles in 2015, I would have been very confused, as I was only a little girl and was team Little Miss Naughty. But there you have it, you never know what life is going to throw literally back at you. And boy, do I agree with this ginger lady – life really is better when you giggle. New motto it is.

Canary Wharf pictures taken by London Gonzo on October 11th, 2015, Hammersmith pictures taken by Ruth on October 13th 2015.



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