Lips, Olympia LeTan and More Lips

I think it’s fair to say that Oliver Bonas has been a bit of a discovery for me this year. The first thing I bought from Bonas was my Happy jumper, followed by my J’Adore one. Can you feel a correlation here? Cuteness is no stranger to the lifestyle brand. 

Shirt, Oliver Bonas. Skirt, Silvian Heach. Earrings, Gogo Philip. Bracelet, Mango. Ring, from Hong Kong. Watch, Michael Kors. Bag, Olympia LeTan. Loafers, Topshop.

I can be very consistent when it comes to wanting something. I mentioned this when I got my Happy jumper and stuck to it – I wanted to eventually get this shirt so that I could wear it together with my J’Adore jumper. But naturally, it stands out completely on its own!

I would have preferred a size 8 as Oliver Bonas sizes seem to come up quite big, but I couldn’t get hold of one and certainly wasn’t going to let it go just because of that. So yes, it may be loose but that hasn’t stopped it from becoming one of my favourite pieces.

I felt a bit naughty getting this shirt as I already have this one – and how does one justify having two heavily kissed shirts? Well this shirt is much better quality and will probably a last a lot longer than my other one – investment!

I also didn’t notice this detail until I was wearing it – there is a cute heart within the kiss print, which marries the red and pink tones so well.

These flashy Gogo Philip earrings are one of my favourite everyday earrings – yes, they are a statement but at the same time blend in so easily.

I got an Olympia LeTan bag! It’s minuscule and completely broke the bank but I am so in love with it! The inside of it is beautiful and there’s something so precious about it – but it’ll be a long time before it gets a sister…

I wore this last month so the blog is little by little getting more up to date! The weather has stayed more or less the same since then (sometimes warm, mostly cold, sometimes mild) so hopefully I won’t be layering it underneath its ‘matching’ jumper just yet.

Lips and teeth have never looked so good. The day these pictures were taken I treated myself to this beautiful thing by Skinnydip London. I’d had my eye on it for months and when I visited the brand’s store in Carnaby Street I could no longer resist. I love how, like my shirt, it combines red and pink in a super unapologetic manner. I’ve become a huge supporter of pink and red – they can look ridiculously good together.

I couldn’t resist getting it out for the ‘photoshoot’ – why have one bag when you can have two?

Olympia or Lips? I think colour wise (and theme wise) the lips go brilliantly – but there’s something charming about my little Olympia bag. 

Photographed off Essex Road on September 2015 – pictures by Merissa.


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